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Thank you for the post and the idea. This does look to be the perfect Summer smock. Needed now that the heat has arrived to the foothills.


I love the smocks--they look so comfortable and "vintage!" By the way, I think you are inspiring the entire embroidering world! I just bought a fistful of Aunt Martha's embroidery iron-ons for her birthday. I looove the stuff you sell in your own shop!--Cheryl


Lovely smock! But where do you get the wooden hangers????

Sharon M.

Cute, cute smock--BUT--ADORABLE hanger!!!


I'd love to find the pattern for that smock...I'd make several and they could be my summer uniform.


I love a smock.. this seems to cute to get dirty though!


The smock is really cute -- the hanger is wonderful, too!

Account Deleted

I've always liked your smocks. They look so comfortable, and that perfectly handy pocket is something I could surely use. I've never felt very comfortable sewing clothes, but something like this may be something doable for me. I'd love the choosing of fabrics I think.

I hope you all had a nice time picking strawberries. I picked a few ripe raspberries the other day, but so far, we haven't many.


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