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Pam Kellogg

Vicki, these are so much fun! I may have a pattern somewhere in my collection for these hangers. When I have time, I'll go through my things and see. If I do have one, I'll send it to you. Where to get the wooden hangers? I have no clue but I do find all sorts of neat stuff in my flea market travels.

Picking strawberries! I can only imagine what your home smells like when you and the girls are making strawberry jam. YUM!

Mary Ellen Nichols

Nice little items like this used to be the kind of thing girls got at bridal showers. I acquired an album made by a young bride-to-be. I was fascinated by the gift list she had jotted down in order to write thank you notes. She received lovely household goods like a bathmat, embroidered fingertip towels and the like. Wow, have things changed! A bridal shower sure is different these days!


If any of your readers live in West Michigan, Spring Grove Variety Store carries them for $1 each. If you call the phone number they might ship them.

805 36th St SW
@clyde park
Wyoming, Michigan 49509
(616) 532-7198


I can see why everyone loved them, So cute...
Hope you have a great weekend Vicki!

Teresa Kasner

Vicki, how funny that I visited your blog today and see those hangers! I put my crocheted hangers on my blog today, I do hope you pop by and see. They are different from these, yours are awesome! I can give you the pattern too, if you like.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

vicki haninger

Thanks so much Pam, if you find a pattern let me know.

The wooden hangers are old, you have to look at thrift shops and estate sales for them.

The strawberries are a little late this year, but very good. We picked 8 lbs already!

vicki haninger

Boy is it ever! :O)

vicki haninger

Thanks for the information Lisa!

$1 each sounds like a bargain!

vicki haninger

Thanks Gina, we are having spectacular weather so far. Enjoy the 4th!

vicki haninger

That is funny, I knew there must be patterns for these hangers somewhere out in the blogasphere. I don't crochet, but I know lots of people that would love to make these hangers. So thank you for sharing and stopping by today.

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