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Ahh yes, and the flower so prominently featured in Southern literature. I always think of a cotillion with young ladies wearing camellias in their hair. Another lovely! Thanks to your assistant, too!

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You guys make a great team! Congratulations on finishing all of the squares Vicki! What a wonderful accomplishment.

I saw a yellow camellia in your link. I didn't know there were yellow ones. I love these flowers, and have a bush of dark pink ones, that blooms every February and March here, which is nice, because it is early, but not so nice, because it always rains when it blooms, so the blossoms don't last as long.

I remember my grandma floating camellias in shallow bowls of water in the middle of her table when I was a girl. I always liked that arrangement. At the time, it seemed such a modern thing to do. Now it seems a bit old fashioned.



Oh, thank you so much! I'm from Alabama and oh, how glad I am that they made this change. Camellias are the highlight of winter here. My parents have a picture of one of the few snows I remember with beautiful camellias frozen on the tree.

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