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Oh gosh, tell Grace she put a smile on my face today!

It is sunny here today and very pretty, but boy have we had rain! Yesterday it came down in sheets, and we had thunder and lightning and hail. I kept thinking about the camellias and the way it always rains when they are blooming.

We have a a large Joannes to the north of us and one to the south, but there are two of the smaller stores nearby. I usually drive a ways a way to the larger store up north, as it is amazing. You are going to love the new one, especially for paper crafting and things like that.

One thing I noticed in your community is all of the wonderful quilting stores that were there last time I looked. I hope they still are. That is something we have a real shortage of here. We used to have a wonderful one nearby, called "In the Beginning". I loved visiting it.

The blocks look so nice together Vicki.

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Your quilt is going to be amazing! The colors are beautiful!


I am sooo jealous that you are getting a new Joann's!! Several years ago they closed our old one, closed the one in a town 45 minutes away, and were supposed to open a "super Joann"(in the other town) but it never happened. We are stuck with a Hancock Fabrics that is old and dirty. bleck. I LOVE the fat cat, that's too cute for words!


Both of your fat cats are darling!
We have a large JoAnn's store in town and it is wonderful. I can get lost in there for hours.
And thank you for the incredible state quilt. You are so very generous to share your flower blocks and talent with us.


There is no JoAnn's here either - just like Molly above there is a nasty Hancock's and Ben Franklins is sad but there is a Hobby Lobby and an AC Moore.

Mom Wald

Everything is lovely, kudos for your perserverance and patience. Do not feel too bad about the "i", we've all done it at one time or another. Usually when you have no more of that color of thread. Oh no, it's a vicious circle.


The picture of the cat & mouse is so cute. It looks as if they are buddy's or feline attitude of "hummm your in my spot." :)
Love the blue with the white blocks..gives it such a "spring" feel. Can't wait to see it finished!

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