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This one is really pretty, Vicki. The first flower that I can remember falling in love with, is the magnolia blossom. When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my granpa owned a "roadhouse" in Alabama. Outside in the dirt parking lot were great big magnolia trees. They seemed as tall as the sky to me then, and the flowers were huge and fragrant, and out of reach. They weren't the tulip shaped ones like we have here in the PNW, though I think those are pretty too. I used to think those southern magnolias were the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. One day, my Uncle Greg climbed up on his car, and into the tree somehow, and he cut me one. I still remember how happy that flower made me, and how special he made me feel by doing that for me. It was huge and creamy, and looked like velvet. Nearby there was a small grove of pecan trees. Those were special too. I always think of red dirt, the smell of cedar and pine trees, pecans and those beautiful magnolias when I think of Alabama.


Very pretty colors in this flower. Glad that your embroidery floss arrived and that you have new colors to work your magic.


Wow, even though we have magnolia trees around, I have never realized how amazingly beautiful they are when first blooming. Thanks so much for the picture and the wonderful reminder to get out and enjoy God's gifts.

Donna Mac

Sweet Home, Alabama!

vicki haninger

What a great story Lena, thanks for sharing it. Those early experiences make an impact on us, don't they? I didn't mention this in the post, but I planted a 'Grand Victoria' magnolia tree in my front yard about 3 summers ago, and it is starting to spread and grow now. The flowers are large and cream colored--they smell wonderful. They look just like the pattern for the quilt block!

vicki haninger

Me too! I was haunting that mailbox! :o)


What a wonderful ?coincidence? March 20 was my mother-in-law's bday. She is from Mississippi and LOVED her magnolias. This was the 2nd birthday we celebrated in her memory. How nice to see this Mississippi tribute on your blog on March 20. Thank you.


Just beautiful - you are so talented!!

vicki haninger

The good Lord works in wonderful and mysterious ways! xo


Oh, Vicki, my beautiful Magnolia. Thank you for doing this, especially for me. Your work will rival the real flowers once they bloom from the big tree in our front yard; which, for us in the southern part of Mississippi should be in about six weeks. You are a special blogger, and we so appreciate and enjoy you.

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