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This is one of my favorites so far. Fun to see all the blocks laid side by side--love all the colors together!


Mayflowers are the most delicate pink and have the most intoxicating aroma. I have missed them for years at a time and then found them again...it takes such persistence like that of a child poking about in a field or woodland spot. There was a time when they'd never have been missed. It's a lovely state flower and perfectly appropriate. I like seeing how your work is progressing.

Mom Wald

Oh my, I think the Mayflower may be taking the Violet's spot as my favorite. Especially the way you did it in different shades of pink.

Here in Wisconsin I am struggling with enough daylight to photograph fruity fabrics to blog for the Japan Quilt Project. I hope that my photos turn out as well as yours.

Come see what we're doing to raise money for Japan! It's the best of both worlds, quilting AND embroidery.

vicki haninger

Thanks Wendy! I'm enjoying this project and all the color--during these "gray" days.

vicki haninger

Hi Vee, thank you for sharing these notes about the Mayflower. I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of seeing this flower. It's nice to know it has a wonderful fragrance, I'll look closer for it now.

vicki haninger

Thanks so much--I'm having trouble picking a favorite myself, each flower has it's own lovely quailities--stitched or otherwise.

I wish you much success for the Japan Quilt Project--what a great idea!

"Stitch On" Ladies!

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