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Oh, that one is really pretty. I don't recall ever having smelled the scent of that flower before. I'll have to mention it to my step-mom, as she lived in North Carolina for a long time, and I would imagine that it grows there too. Anyhow, I know she's been over the state line a few times. She used to be rather wild in her youth, and loved racing cars. Back in those days, I guess it was popular to outrace the police, or State Patrol over the border. Don't ask. I come from a family of bootleggers, or so I've been told. It's probably best not to go there!


Such a pretty name for that flower. I'm not sure that I'm doing the right thing to save these from your Flickr account. I'll have to do some reading to see. Wow...just 25 more to go! That's so cool. (I've only done my own state.)


Thank you for these blocks. However, the Flickr site states "The owner has disabled downloading of their photos." I am not sure now how to download the image. Sorry! May I kindly ask what to do to obtain the download? Thank you and good evening.

Chase Clark  l  Oh the Cuteness!

Wowee, that is quite the project! It is going to be absolutely amazing when it is done!


As a South Carolinian, thank you for doing justice to this beautiful vine. The flowers are the same vibrant yellow as forsythia -- just beautiful. And the vine itself has a very woody stem. It is not at all delicate. It climbs everything! You did such a lovely job on this. Thank you!

Mom Wald

It is so nice of you to tell about the state flowers after doing all of the work to embroider, photo, and load them, plus making the patterns accessible. I am excited about seeing WI where I live.

ps. Baby Henry is adorable.

vicki haninger

I've discovered that there were "browser issues" for some, so that not everyone was able to download the patterns.

Changes have been made on flickr so that this shouldn't be a problem any longer.



I have got to copy this pattern for my mother because of a funny story about her yellow jasmine. Well, it's funny now but it wasn't when it happened. My father had passed away and I was walking around my parent's home and saw waht I thought was honeysuckle growing on my dad's windmill. So, being a thoughtful daughter, I pulled all of this nasty 'weed' out. I was so proud of myself until my mother told me it was her yellow jasmine that she had been training to climb the windmill! She won't let me forget it either!

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