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Natalie VV

This is cheery flower, and so sweet to see when I am thinking fondly of some aloha memories.


A very ambitious project. I'm enjoying seeing each block as you post. Good luck with 30 more to go.


If anyone can get them done...it will be you. Now you having me want to use the word "pua aloalo" in a silly accent today. :)

Mom Wald

Thanks for the "warm" flower during this cold season. Hawaii...sigh...

vicki haninger


Yes, I'd like to be there myself right now!!


Saturday, January 29, 2011 is the sesquicentennial (150 years) of Kansas statehood...I think it would be appropriate to post the Kansas block on that date. We Kansans are quite proud of our state. I hope to make sugar cookies in the shape of the state with my kids on Kansas Day, and give them Kansas coloring sheets to color. I am trying to think of other things to do for a party--we need to eat some good Kansas beef--a large portion of the beef sold in the US is slaughtered and packaged in Kansas, even if it may not be raised in-state. I have a wheat-head design cast iron pan (for corn sticks, but why would you put CORNbread in a WHEAT pan?!?!) I will have to come up with some more ideas today.


Hisbicus is a national flower in Malaysia. Not only beautiful but also they have some health beneficial too


Hi, I've just discovered these beautiful series. Can you please tell me how I can save them to my computer? The Flickr site says "The owner has disabled downloading of their photos". Maybe I am wrong and aren't the patterns for free?
Greetings, Anita

vicki haninger

What a wonderful suggestion, I am going to do just that! Thanks for the info.

vicki haninger

oops...is that what happened? I was wondering why people were asking me how to download...somehow the default got reset when I wasn't paying attention. It's fixed now--I hope. I'm not sure what happened there. You should be able to download everything now.


vicki haninger

Lovely! What type of health benefits?

vicki haninger

Thanks Linda!

vicki haninger

Oh yeah, tropical islands and warm sandy beaches sound wonderful right now!



I must visit your information page because I've forgotten how I was saving these. I love this hibiscus done in my favorite color. And the rhododendron above is terrific, too, even if it only received 53% of the vote.

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