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Vicki, I love this post. That first photo looks so old fashioned to me for some reason, and the idea for the soup is a good one. Soup is one of my favorite foods. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

That thrift store. One of these days you'll have to send me the name of it, so I can drop in when traveling through your part of the world. It looks like such a good place to hunt for treasure. That chair! Someone was very clever indeed!


We love soup, too. And being able to pull some out of the freezer at a moment's notice!

Those ornaments on the cover of MaryJane's Farm look great!

Natalie VV

Ha! I just found the same box, of *red* peppermint. We have to skip food dyes, so finding these candy canes is always a thrill! Makes life merrier!


I love soup as well and I have two kinds frozen right as we speak. Pumpkin Apple and Veggie:) Yum!

That chair is absolutely marvelous!!!


everything is looking festive for you...Love the candy canes, I love Mary Janes Farm and soup...yes indeed. My dad shipped over some salmon chowder..will have to try yet it sounds strange.... Happy merriement your way..Mica


I need to stop by B&N and get the latest MJ! That tree brought back mems of those silver ones with the neon lights that you plugged in and it rotated near the tree giving it blue, red, orange and green tints:-) Good gosh I am dating myself--70's kid...LOL!
Was thinking of all of you today as I made your maple popcorn recipe from last year for gifts, well, if everyone here stops eating it...LOL!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


A very nice way to cover that chair!

Thanks for the soup tips. I think I'll make up a batch right now.


I loved the MJ mag too and was encourged by her soup artical. I love your idea of a crockpot going all day and then frezing the extras. I will have to do that. Thank you xoox Clarice

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