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Happy happy joy joy!
I used those same dishtowels for the ones I embroidered with the dancing veggies I ordered from you.
They were my daughters favorite shower gift and I smile every time I see them hanging in her kitchen:)

Thank you so much!


Well, as always you've been up to something charming. I especially like the little gingerbread men.

I have some of these towels with the red stripe, and I really like them.

Samantha Martz

I love this pattern,it's especially *sweet* and makes me smile.

Sharon M.

Vicki! I was immediately transported back to my Gran's kitchen where I helped dry dishes every Tuesday night after we ate the delicious supper she always prepared for us!! Those are the towels we used every week! Thank you SO MUCH--I am going to order some and get busy embroidering!! Yippee!!!! :)


Oh dear Vicki, how sweet they are. I just love gingerbread men. I have a little gingerbread village that I set up in my kitchen each year for Christmas. The towels would be perfect for my holiday bakeing. I'm on my way to place my order.


What sweet designs....So festive and perfect for the holidays. I've been stopping by quite a bit to see what loveliness is going on in your world.


Those are darling and I wondered immediately where you had found the towels. Thank you for sharing that. Yes, it's the season for setting many things aside and picking them up in the new year. May all your December plans bring great joy!


vicki, these are so adorable. too cute!

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