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Sweet beyond belief.


awwwww, how gorgeous!!!

Vicki K

That is Really Cute! I'll bet she loves pre-Christmas the best - none of those pesky presents in the way of her cuddly quilt nap...


I stopped doing a tree about 8 yrs. ago. My one cat would bat at anything that moved ever so slightly; as she walked by the tinsel would flutter and down would come several ornaments ...

I also stopped doing a tree because it is just me here, and I decorate in many other ways to bring some Christmas cheer to my house.

I love your Miss Lily. Never would happen in my house ... LOL

Account Deleted

Isn't it wonderful how cats will do that? I love to watch Miss Luna sleep under the tree too, and I use an old quilt as my tree skirt as well. We however, are not so color co-ordinated! Lol! This is truly a lovely photo and one that will be treasured always, I imagine.


Vicki~ Precious kitty. Gorgeous photo! Happy Christmas Wishes... ~Mandy


Lovely photo! Beautiful enough to grace the front of a Christmas card.
Love the quilt tree skirt.
Warm Hoosier hugs, Cheryl

Account Deleted

Pink frosting is all I see! and a very comfy kitty:)


What a sweet picture. Lily and the colors are perfect!


Such a sweet kitty picture. I'm sure that you are grateful that she loves it so and seems to know not to climb the tree or bat the decorations or eat them. That's the trouble we're having with our less than demure kitty.


She's incredible! Very sweet...

Sew Create It - Jane

She looks so comfortable! How sweet!


My Ceasar is the same! (And looks much like your little cutey here, he's white with a gray patch on his head). He'll gaze at it for hours after the tree first goes up before he'll sleep next to or under it.

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