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Oh Vicki, your Oregon Farm Stand is absoultely darling. You win 1st prise in my book. It is just amazing to see the detailed items you girls have made. All of you are so talented. I just love it.

Natalie VV

This is truly stunning, as much art, as endearing wonderland. It brings my heart and dreams to that still tender place, where I longed for a doll house, a miniature world... my own to adore.
Blue ribbons all around!


All that hard work has produced an awesome produce stand! Over the top cuteness:)


Absolutely incredible. I want to live, well, shop there or work there! How great for the three of you to have this special tradition to share!

louise hatchard

oh my! i am going back to look again after posting this comment - so perfectly beautiful - clever, clever girls!

merry christmas and a happy new year! x


You and your daughters are gifted crafters. I always enjoy seeing and reading about your projects. Doll houses (as well as toy tea sets) are some of my favorite things. I do not have the talent to build doll houses and the already built ones are too expensive so I enjoy yours. And I don't have to find a place to display them. I just visit you and enjoy yours.


Oh - what a wonderful farm stand! I could look at that all night...Such amazing detail - you ladies take the cake!


The detailing is amazing! What a wonderful creation you have made.


You gals are amazing! That is one impressively darling little farm stand. The details are a pure delight!


Oh my gosh Vicki, how sweet is this. And soo much fun to do. It must mmake you smile everytime you look at it xoxo Clarice


WOW. This is JUST INCREDIBLE! I absolutely loved doll houses when I was a kid. The detail,the imagination here - I can't get over it. I hope you win.


Too, too cute! I'm slowly refurbishing a dollhouse and we have the cute cottage to build...we took it out of the box & saw it needed shingles, which I can't find at the craft stores.

Account Deleted

Can I come live with you? I'd help make dollhouses. This one couldn't be more charming. It has truly put a smile on my face. I love the scales. I have a hanging scale like that in my kitchen. It belonged to Mr. Staggs grandfather, and holds special memories of him.

Ginger returned? I'm so glad. I missed her. 'Course now I'll miss Sarah. She seemed a spunky sort!

All of you are so talented. What wonderful memories you are creating for your girls. What wonderful memories you will have as well.


It is just fantastic! I would never be able to make something that fancy. It's amazing what nimble fingers can do, and especially you and the girls' fingers!!!

I hope you win.


Oh my goodness, this is simply fantastic! Your posts inspired me to make a dollhouse awhile back, and I had so much fun building it that I put the entire thing together in less than 24 hours. I finished one room, but work, a baby, and general life has left it sitting empty for awhile. I definitely need to jump back in after seeing this!


You did a super job! I've seen 'miniatures' at the Philadelphia Flower show and this is right up there with the ones in the competition.
Since my paternal people are from Oregon, I'm touched by that too.
I've done a dollhouse many moons ago and I still have it.

Sharon M.

Beautiful and very impressive! Way to go, girls!!


That is so fabulous! And what a funny story--a couple weeks ago, I was crawling around under the dining table trying to find tiny, little perfume bottles made out of beads and old jewelry findings--on an oriental carpet. I had to work fast to beat our dog, Max, who would have chomped them is a heartbeat!! Ahhh, miniatures!


OK - this HAS to be a winner! I wish I could go there and buy my produce - adorable!


I love this one! Kudos to all of you for those pumpin' creative juices you "sprouted" on this project!


All I can say is WOW!!!


Fantastic work! I've been "doing" minis for about 15 years and I love what you've done with the Country Cottage! GREAT! :)


Wonderful job, all of you! I love how you collaborated on this project, with each of you working adding your particular skills. It is so fun to see how one project can be interpreted in so many ways. Yours is delightful. Well done!

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