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These are so precious and a very one of a kind quilt top--beautifully done!

Sharon M.

Wow, that looks pretty! :)


What a commitment, Vicki! I love how it looks and thank you for giving us that inspiration via Photoshop.


WOW! Just beautiful. :)


Beautiful! I love every one!


Just Awesome!!!


So pretty!


Vicki, approx. how long does it take you to embroider a square this size? If you were to stitch with no interruptions.
Forgive me if you have addressed this question before.
I often wonder if I am a slow sewer or just like everyone else.

vicki haninger

Hi Donna, I'm sure there are other stitchers that are much faster than me too! Some of the blocks are faster to stitch than others, but my average time is probably about an hour or two for each. I really don't try and stitch fast though, I just go at my own pace. Once you get the hang of it, stitching gets to be second nature and can go pretty fast. It's like everything else--practice makes a big difference. ~Vicki

vicki haninger

Hey, thank you ladies! xo ~Vicki


It looks absolutely wonderful so far!!!

One Second Needle

Thanks for this post. These flower blocks are great!

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