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Oooh..how pretty. I am behind on my stitching, but catching up again quickly. This is one of my favorite old-fashioned flowers, perfect for a country bouquet.


For a simple flower, she's a beauty. I had to laugh at the contentious way anything is voted upon, even a flower. Ha!


Thanks for the pattern! I am also way behind on my stitching, but I enjoy working on them. I am having trouble, though, getting the patterns to print out in the same size since they changed Flickr!


It is lovely. Since I live in COLD country and is considered an annual, do you know if it reseeds itself, or do I have to plant seeds every year?


vicki haninger

I think I read that they reseed themselves
in cold climates--as long as
birds and mice don't eat the
seeds that fall to the ground.
Sometimes spreading compost or
mulch over them (or where they
were growing) is helpful in
that regard.

vicki haninger

Hi Elizabeth! You're welcome...
I'm glad you are enjoying the
patterns. Regarding getting
the right-sized block in Flickr:
1. Click on the pattern
2. Select the "Actions" button (top Left)
3. From drop-down menu select "View All Sizes"
4. Choose MEDIUM 640 (640 X 556) for a
6-inch block--and print.

Happy Stitching!

vicki haninger

I know..nothing is ever easy is it? :o)


Hi Vicki,

I just found your beautiful blog. This state flower quilt sounds like so much fun! Maybe after the holidays I can give it a go. This block is lovely!

Nancy in IN

thank you for these embroideries. They are so neat.

ugg boot

I had to refresh the page 2 times to view this page for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.

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