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Natalie VV

I am sorry about the tree. We had to remove one that was close to our house, and it does break your heart.
Your gingerbread stitching looks darling. And happy thirteen year old birthday... cheers for brighter, happier things!


Trees...sometimes we just have to do the right thing. I think you'll get pretty used to all that wonderful light.

Ohhh, your daughter did a beautiful job with that cake! And what is that that you are working on? Looks so darling for this time of year.

Account Deleted

We are facing a similar situation with our beloved cherry tree. It too was planted by previous owners too close to the house, and unfortunately, too close to our neighbor's home too. No matter how much trimming we do, it never seems enough for the folks next door. I will feel as if I've truly lost a dear friend, if I have to have it cut down. It's on my mind everyday, so I know how hard this feels for you.

Grace is such a wonderful baker. What a gift it is, to be able to make people happy. She does that, so often with her baking, but in numerous other ways too, I'm sure. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!



I am so sorry for your loss of the tree. I know how much you love them. I lost a tree three years ago. I still miss seeing it every time I look out my kitchen window.

Grace is such a good big sister. Her cake looks so pretty. Lucky birthday girl.

What are you working on? I love ginger bread men.

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