Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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It's nice to see some color again...All our leaves are down and the last of any remaining color has long passed.

Sharon M.

Oh, that was lovely!


What a great view from your office! Lovely fall colors.

There are a few trees and bushes around my neighborhood that change, but we mostly have Ponderosa Pines. They do drop needles all over the place, but remain green all the time. Yards are now almost all brown, there are a few holdouts, but colors are becoming nondescript.

ps; are you playing around with your website? The column with your "welcome" message is in the center of the blog up at the top. Just an FYI... hugs


Beautiful color!!!!


your yard is such a gorgeous little land!
i loved visiting you there :)

thanks so much for coming by my blog!
(i replied to you in the comments) and
for putting my link in your list! xox.


Beautiful words and stunning images. I love visiting you, I just don't usually leave a note.


Absolutely beautiful. You live in a wonderland of color. Thank you for sharing the joy of your autumn.


Thank you for this lovely post Vicki. I've always loved the month of November, and autumn. It is an important part of my days to take time to sit quietly, and enjoy what each season offers. We are kindred in our love of those things that as you say, "feed the soul".

Your world is beautiful.

Jumping spiders? Yikes!!

ugg boot

I had to refresh the page 2 times to view this page for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.


I love those reddish colours, they are so beautiful!!


What a lovely home and garden you have. I am sure it takes quite a lot of work, but your garden always looks perfectly beautiful and natural, as if everything had just been plunked there as the best place for it to be by a hidden hand.


These are gorgeous photos Vicki!


Oh how I envy your beauiful fall colors. As you know, here in the South we don't have very much autumn. I always enjoy seeing your home. How lovely. Thank you for sharing.

vicki haninger

Thanks Velma! I'm a native southern California
girl myself, so I understand that longing. Living
with "spring and summer" year round isn't all that
bad, but I definitely like the change of seasons.
I've grown to really appreciate the beauty of
autumn and enjoy sharing it with you southern


Hello! I was just thinkin by my walk how this is the best season...and didn't have any colours like yours! You have the most beautiful 'painting' in your window! Thank you for a lovely post and all your lovely blog with wonderful crafts!
Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

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