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These are so bright and cheery - they just make me smile!


The pic of the turkeys above with the fall leaves is a painting waiting to happen!

The quilts look beautiful too;)


I am wondering if the sqares were polyester, or the flowers were polyester, or both?

Reply: Yes, the entire quilt is polyester, even the borders.


I ran over here to see the good-looking polyester pant suits. Ha! You're so right, the polyester makes a lovely flower on these quilts.


Once I saw the picture of the flowers, I had to laugh at your post title ... Polyester Poppies.

I knew eventually someone would find a great use for polyester, and the cause behind the Mennonite women is fantastic too!


Both just beautiful. I was at the Virginia Mennonite relief sale last weekend and didn't see anything quite that spectacular. I did find a crib-size quilt made with feed-sack patches that I was willing to bid $125 on--it sold for $1900! So much for that!

My grandma made us a quilt when we got married and used polyester patches from some of her old dresses of the 70s and 80s. I loved her dearly, but I'm not so crazy about sleeping under polyester! It's heavy as all get-out, too!


Now I want to go thrifting for polyester. Who would have figured?

Vicki K

Wow - I wouldn't have thought about using polyester as applique material. The most hideous quilt I ever saw was various rectangles of blue and white polyester and it scarred (and scared) me ever since. But this flower quilt is really charming...hmmm...


OOOOO WEEEE! I think my mom made me an outfit from that green checkered fabric 'back in the day"! Blast from the past.
Love it!


My great-grandparents lived in Fairview, Kansas - I guess there's a chance that some of their polyester lives on in that quilt!


Oh my gosh what a beautiful, happy quilt and I hate polyester. Love it. Clarice


Wow!! What a neat idea. I've seen quilts made from old clothes before, but not like this. Cutting the fabric into a matching shape is so much nicer than a collection of squares. So pretty!


this quilt is great! it's a perfect project for a lot of women working together.
I have a book on Mennonite community quilts, I think, they donated a lot of quilts to the Dutch in worldwar II. A bunch of them is saved and stored.

 Jean C.

We have a poly "camp quilt" that was made by my MIL years ago... we got married in '76 and at the time she didn't have time to make us a quilt, so she gave us one of their camp quilts... all poly top... it's still in great shape! The back was red flannel.... which I had to replace a year ago. But otherwise... it's really warm and comfy... not as cute as the one above that's for sure... but it keeps us warm. We use it for a blanket under our bed quilt!

Susanne Tyree

Love your blog! This is not the first time I have seen polyester used in a quilt. Years ago every piece of clothing seemed to be made of that indestructible fabric. My mother-in-law made almost all of her own dresses and it became the fabric of choice. She was also a mountain woman and had learned to quilt at a very young age. She has made many quilts by hand in her day. She lived through the depression and knew how to reuse/recycle and not waste. She made a Trip Around the World Quilt top out of poly squares cut from the remnants of her dress materials. The top was given to my youngest daughter. My mother-in-law is 93 years old now. She suffers from dementia. I wish that she could see this lovely flower quilt. Thank you so much for sharing.

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