Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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How sweet~ The poem is great! Have a wonderful Fall season~


~wonderful inspiration~ thanks for sharing! I make soup the same way (what ever is around)

Sandra :)

MMMMMMMMMMMMM your soup looks delicious! I have the last of the green peppers in the fridge from our garden ... they're great in soup :) I've never thrown in the tail end of the spaghetti sauce but that's a brilliant idea - I probably have a jar or three hanging around the fridge right now, just waiting to be soupified!


I love autumn soups. Thank You for an inspiration


Lovely acrostic from your youngest daughter...framing it would look so nice. That photo of the honeycrisp apple is wonderful! Framing it would also be nice.


What a sweet poem! This post reminds me of something from Susan Branch. :-)


I love digging through the fridge and freezer and pantry to see what I can throw into a pot of soup. My dad used to make sou[ the same way, so it always makes me think of him.

Love the little poem! We are finally having some cool weather here in southern VA and it's so welcome.


I am living on apples w/ good cheddar and soup. This is my favorite time of year xoxo Clarice


The Honeycrisp is one of our favorites here. Also holds a place in my heart because it was a variety developed here in my home state of Minnesota. Loved the soup too! We have already had soup twice and chili once. Now if I could just get my oldest on board with the liquid dinner idea...


Your soup looks so delicious..I think I could eat soup breakfast, lunch and dinne..hee hee I had some for breakfast this morning.


Your blog always make me feel so cozy!! xoxo

Samantha Martz

Oh the comfort from Turkey Feathers...I love it! That soup looks (feeling very sorry for my self ) sooo good with all this sinus junk I've got:(


You must have been reading my mind because I was hankering for a batch of veg soup this week. It's a good way to get greens like kale into the diet. Little pancetta and some white beans.

That work of art your daughter created is begging to be turned into an embroidery project....just sayin'...one for every season.


It looks delicious!

Miss Paula

Can you share the font you used for your post? Thanks Vicki

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