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Hi! I just finished my last batch of salsa today....the house smelled wonderful.

I am always glad when the tomatoes turn out, because I count on that salsa to eat all winter and also we have certain friends that count on their jar for Christmas! I love being able to give something we canned here at home!

Your pictures are just gorgeous, as always!


yum..yum..great pics!! enjoy your homegrown tomatoes :)


I hope those continue to ripen up quickly for you and you get to enjoy some delicious homegrown goodness!


Yahoooo .... ripening tomatoes! I just love the taste of home grown tomatoes.
This year, here in the Klamath basin, there has been a terrible mixture of hot and cold weather and the quantity of produce was small. Most of the veggies had to have a cover to gather the warmth, except the zucchini!! We have zucchini coming out our ears. I have tons of shredded zucchini in the freezer that I use as filler in many dishes.
Hopefully next year will be more normal with the weather so we can again have a mixture of good eats.


I took my ripe ones and roasted them with an onion, and some garlic cloves. Tossed it all with olive oil, sea salt, and fresh cracked pepper, and in the oven it went. Once it was out, I put it in a pot, used the stick blender and pureed the mixture. Then I let it cook away on the stove for another hour...added a bit of chicken broth too. Turned out great! Would have added fresh basil, if the rollie pollies didn't find it absolutely delightful. Apparently, I planted it just for them. :)
Enjoy your tomatoes!


I should probably say that this was marinara sauce...lol. Although you could turn it into tomato basil soup in a pinch. Just get some basil in there!



WooHoo! Don't you just love the color RED! Happy canning. :-)


Glad to see some turning red on the vine...though there are many delicious recipes for green tomatoes, too. We are enjoying a tomato harvest via my sister's garden...lots of tomato pie...gosh, I love that stuff.


I hope that these all bring you much canning and cooking love :)

 Jean C.

There is still hope! I usually take and cut the tops of my tom's plants down so that the sunshine can reach down into the plants better... thus getting rid of some of the greenis and sheding all that shade! My plants look just like yours! Hang in there...
I just got 3 boxes of pears to work on too!

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