Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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PRODUCE looks amazing and that kitty--may be stealing some:)


Vicki, you can pick your tomatoes green and ripen them inside on a window sill or the counter. It is the warmth that ripens them more so than just sunshine.

The sun gives warmth when you can see it, but lately there isn't much of it. I have taken tomatoes inside and it does work.


Hey Vicki! Love your garden pics...and that kitty is precious! I live in Sonoma County, CA and this has been the weirdest summer for us. Incredibly mild, and sometimes downright cold. Once school started again, we got a couple short little heat waves. I've gotten a lot of zucchini this summer, and bush beans, but the lemon cucumbers I put in have been stubborn. Probably got about 4 so far...lol. We only got two pumpkins, and they are already fully orange. I have tons of tomatoes on the vine, but they are still green. I wonder if you can make pickles with green tomatoes? Tried the fried green ones, but my family didn't dig em. :)

Anyway, as always, your blog is lovely!



Pick your tomatos and put them into a brown paper bag and they will ripen.


I'm ripening tomatoes on my kitchen windowsill. Hope that that might work for you. Nothing better than homegrown tomatoes. If I never eat one of those cardboard imposters again, it will be fine with me. Your header is so beautiful and those turkeys are perfect!

Pattie in San Francisco

Dear Vicki: Growing tomatoes in San Francisco is always a dodgy business. And this year is the pits! If you have the room, you can just cut off the tomato vines at ground level and hang them from the ceiling of a garage or out building and they will ripen. Kind of like drying herbs. This is especially good for cherry tomato varieties. Pattie in San Francisco


Love the new old banner! Ahhh, Fall. :-)


I also ripen my tomatoes on the window sill, and they do perfectly.


Well of course it was sooo hot the two days I was in OR but now it is back to cool, fall weather. It is busy havest time. Actully I love this time of year!! Clarice


As others have posted, I too ripen the last of my tomatoes in the window sill. They taste just as good as the ones that ripen on the vine. I'm glad to see that all is going well with you and your lovely homey routine. I look forward to seeing your dill pickles. :-)

Congratulations on your new book!

charlotte lyons

congratulations on another lovely book!


This has felt like one of the oddest summers here. It seemed that the feeling of summer never really arrived...or rather it did, but it just sort of flitted in and out again. I'm hoping that the autumn feels true.

Your produce is still quite lovely, and pretty amazing, everything considered.

All my best,

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