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AWWW Thank you so much for the sweet words! I hope you enjoy every pie you make!

Blessings to you and yours!


Its called The Mating Season and, woudn't you know, its Not on Netflix. I'm bummed.

I had that very same stove in one of the first rentals I had with my husband. It rocked!


About 10 years ago, we had this great old Arts and Crafts house in one of the historic districts in Fort Worth. It had a garage apartment. Zoning had changed over the decades, and it couldn't be rented out, so it had fallen into disrepair. When we moved in, we considered--and quickly discarded--the idea of fixing it up into a guest house for visitors.

Anyway, it had an old porcelain top table (with extensions that pull out from underneath!) with 4 chrome, curved leg chairs left from long, long ago. These are in my kitchen now. There was also a stove like this one, except it had folding lids that came down over the burners and folded back when you cooked.

When we left, we tried every way we could think of to get that stove out, and there was no way. Not only would it not fit through the kitchen door, but it wouldn't fit down the staircase. I have no idea how they got it in there. The only way I can imagine is that they hoisted it in before they put in the windows and built the kitchen wall. In the end, we had to leave it when we sold the house. I think I cried. ;-)

I envy you the cool weather. We are still in the mid-90's around here.


Love the old stove! We bought a new range last year (made by GE) and it's got an optional griddle for the middle. It's a shame were not pancake eaters...


OOH that pic and the movie that you referenced sounds interesting. I may have to search for it online and then see if Netflix has it. I love old movies!

Thank you for the June Cleaver cookbook idea too!!

You have lightened my day:)


It is very fall like here in the NW. The rain last night was crazy. Ohh the cookbook looks wonderful and I will check it out. Thank you for sharing. Clarice


We had so much rain last night, and it is raining hard again tonight, but the day was lovely for a few moments, long enough to go to the fair. When I came home, your new book was waiting for me. Vicki, I can't tell you how much I love it. The first book was very good, but this one....well, you have outdone yourself! I am so pleased that it has included some of my favorite designs, but all so small motifs are so perfect for little projects. Love those! Everything about this book is so well thought out, helpful, and inspiring.

I'm looking forward to exploring your friend's book as well. It sounds like a good one!

I used to have an old stove similar to that one. I loved it, but it was in a rental house. The first house my mister and I lived in together.

For some reason a song keeps going through my head....We got no tomatoes, to the tune of an old childrens' song, but I can't remember the title. LOL!



That stove is a BEAUT! I have a smaller one than that, without the middle griddle. 'Tis in my farmhouse and makes me smile every time I use it. Though I know its days are numbered, I'll enjoy it while it I can!
Your blog is lovely!

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