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Samantha Martz

Ohhh I just know I'm gonna love this book!


Your book looks WONDERFUL! I'm looking forward to it!


Congratulations! I loved your first book, and this one looks like a lovely additon to the Turkey Feathers library!


I am VERY excited to get my hands on this book! Love, love, love your first one.

Sharon M.

Congrats, Vicki! I am so excited--I can't wait to get your new book--it looks so beautiful!! What a terrific giveaway--you're sweet!


I enjoyed your first book and am looking forward to your new one. The projects look great. Congratulations!

Natalie VV

School has started, and I am back to looking for handwork to do when I am waiting in the carpool lane... embroidery? Why, yes, thank you.
Congratulations on being published, a second time! I enjoy your first book, and this looks even more inspiring!
Love those vintage patterns.

Cindy Marquis

Can't wait to see the book and start stitching from it!

Donna Mac

OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is the book for me! I have been retired for 2 years now and have been embroidering with your PatternBee.com transfers ever since. My grandmother would be so proud that I am once again following her example and stitching like crazy! CONGRATULATIONS on your new book!


Congrats on your new book, it looks like it chocked full of inspiration. I just love blog, thank you for the inspiration.

Heather F

Love it! Got to have it!


Congratulations! Can't wait to get my hands on your new book!!!

Pattie in San Francisco

Dear Vicki: Boy, what a lot of work and it's beautiful! Put me down for a copy when you get your supply as I want an autographed copy of my very own.


You have no idea how much I want this book!!!! So glad to see some of the goodies inside:0) I hope I win, I hope I win because, well because I can't afford to purchase it really:( I love , love your blog and I thank you for being such an awesome lady and sharing with your readers your sentiments on, well, everything! Congrats on your book, I am sure you are loving the whole idea of having written and published it in all its glory.


Alexis Brooks

I can not wait to get my hands on this book. It just might be my early birthday gift to myself!


I've been looking forward to this book so much Vicki. It's almost as exciting for me as for you, to know that it is finished. I'm so pleased for you and all that you've accomplished. Almost 5 years now, and you still inspire me, in so many ways, and I know this book will inspire all of us who love our handwork. Congratulations!



The pictures look so vintage. I can't wait to get my copy. Looks like you did another great job. Will love putting this book beside the previous one on my bookshelf. Thanks, Terry


Oh what fun! Stitching is my new favorite and I would love to win this!! This looks absolutely beautiful!


you are such an inspiration!! love the new book, I hope I win!! <3


Oh me, oh my! I would be delighted beyond belief to get my hands on this book! You know I love your work, right?

Congratulations on this latest treasure! And, happy day to you.

debbie h

Thank you for your generous give-away.....how I would love to win!

Vickie Dumbeck

Congratulations on your book! I'm excited for you and all us "stitchers". And just in time to fill all those cold winter months with glorious stitching.

Anne Marie

Congrats to you Vicki - I have your first book and want this to add to my collection of great books!!


I love your work! Can't wait to see the new book!


Congratulation!!!!! I'm just so excited!!!!


Oh my goodness gracious! I would LOVE to win a copy of your new book. And, if by some sad chance I do NOT win, I'll definitely buy it.


Oh congrats! What a labor of love and it looks so darling. Thanks for giving a glimpse.


If it's a project from you it's worth it's weight in gold, I love evry pattern I have ever ordered:)
Add my name to the hat, you are too kind.

Sherri Parsley

Beautiful!! I am excited to get a copy, maybe I'll just win one!!


The book looks lovely! Congratulations and much success with the sales!


lovely, lovely patterns and book. If I don't win...I;ll buy it on amazon.


So excited for the new book! Congrats! Looks like there are some fun projects...can't wait to dig in!

Kathy B

My Grandma taught me to embroider before I started school. My stitches were quite large and uneven then, but I've continued to improve over the 50-some years since! I'd found the vintage transfers she taught me with on your website and bought them immediately. I really like vintage embroidery and am looking forward to buying the new book.


What a charming little book! Congratulations!


So exciting. That little girl in the sunhat makes me want to by it all by herself!

Angela Prince-Bex

What an adorable book this is. I love the first one. Hope I am a winner! :o))


Oh I'm so excited you've got a new book! I love the embroideries that I see above. Can't wait to get a book. :o)



The new book looks wonderful! I'd love a chance to win a signed copy!


Wow Vicki...the book looks wonderful! I am always so intrigued and inspired by your stitch work. Congrats on this labor of love.


I am so excited about your new book! I've really been looking forward to it and can't wait to get my hands on it.


I can't wait!!! I'm so excited for your book! I love you blog and web site, so much inspiration. Thanks


Congratulations! It looks wonderful and like a lot of fun!


Your book looks wonderful. I especially like those embroidered baby kimono jackets. I recently found a little baby jacket I had started when I was pregnant with my first baby (she's 21 years now). It's embroidered with rabbits, flowers and birds. I'm really enjoying finishing it - her baby is due this October. I do love to embroider!

Margaret Frisch

The book looks beautiful! I can hardly wait to see it in its complete form. What a lovely labor of love!


So adorable! I love embroidery and this book I need. Big hug, Deborah

P.S. Thank you for the chance to win!

Cynthia Holzhauer

The books looks simply marvelous - and too marvelous for words. :)


Hadn't been to your site in a while, and it brought tears to my eyes to see such a neat, new book out on embroidery. I will get it! thanks for such treats!


I've been so looking forward to your book coming out! I've been a long time fan of your pattern shop and can't wait to pour over everything you've included in your book. Thank God September 1st is coming up fast!


What a delightful collection of patterns, projects adn inspiration! Well done and what fun!


What an accomplishment! I'm very much looking forward to your new book!


Hi, Vicki,
I'm very excited about your new book and I can't wait to receive my copy! I teach embroidery to seniors at the local Senior Center. It's very gratifying to see them so enthusiastic while persuing a pastime that many of them learned in their youth! Last week I taught a lady of 85 years who had never embroidered at all, but she was so happy to learn! Thank you for the inspiration that you provide to all ages. Best Regards, Debbie


I can't wait to read your new book!


This is great Vicki..I love your book! Surely would love to have the second book as well~


Congrats on the new book, and I can't wait to see the patterns in the "thrift shop"!

Anna Marie

Congrats! I would love to pick up embroidery again, as I now have a mum-in-law who enjoys stitching too!

Jacklyn M.

It looks wonderful! I always enjoy your blog and website.

Heather S

Very cool! Congratulations! I would la la LOVE to be the lucky one to win, absolutely LOVE!

Tina Mack

So very cute!! I love the little girl with the big hat and the chicken. Best wishes!


Congratulations on your book! Have been following your blog for quite some time and love your work. Can't wait to whip up some of the projects myself.

Janice Campbell

I can't wait to see your new book! I just posted a photo of the quilt made using the transfers I got from you-- you can see it here: http://www.janice-campbell.com/2010/08/25/the-blessing-of-creative-handwork

I'm already looking forward to the next project. There's hardly any other craft that combines portability, creativity, and color in such a delightful way. Thanks for making all the great old patterns available.


I love your art! I can't wait for your book!!!


Congratulations on the new book!! and thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!!



Hi Vicki,
Congratulations on your new book. It is beautiful and looks very interesting. I love your blog and your website "Pattern Bee". These are my favorite internet sites.


Congratulations on this new book! It looks wonderful and so does the transfer collection. Your book layout looks delightful and I know this book will also be a joy to look at. BLessings to you! :)


The new book looks beautiful! Please enter my name in the giveaway.
Blessings to you from Kansas! Gail

Lyn Smith

Your new book looks great. Congratulations.I've enjoyed embroidery for a few years now & a new book will be great.
[email protected]


I received my iron-on copies yesterday. They are darling! I am excited to see the book and plan projects. Ann

Linda Joan

I'm so excited to hold your new book in my own hands!!


oh my goodness, it looks wonderful!!


This book just looks lovely!

Deb Myers

Can you please tell me (and any others out there that don't know) what does the word "Indie" mean. I see that word being used all-over-the-place lately. Specifically, how does the word pertain to the description of your new book? Was I living under a rock when this newly used word was introduced on the scene?
H-E-L-P, PLEASE!! Enlighten me!! Thanks, Much!

PS~~ I'm lovin' the look of your book~~as in, gonna have to get it!!


I just got some transfers for my granddaughter's blanket. Am excited to get going. I love to embrodery and I am glad to find a place where I can find a good collection of transfers.


I love the colors, the polka dots....the whimsyness of it all... it makes me think of candy, ice-cream... and fun!!!


oh please pick me pick me! i just started getting into embroidery and this book would be perfect!


Vicki congratulations on your new book! The cover is so adorable and the projects look amazing! Thank you for inspiring us once again. :)


The book is beautiful!! I can't wait to order one!


I'm sure this is just as awesome as your last one! Congrats on another book!


What a wonderful looking book! Such talent for creating such beautiful things.

Linda Jo

How exciting!!! I can't wait to see it all. Pick me!


Congratulations on the new book! It looks wonderful! And an opportunity to win it, lucky us! If I don't win, I will certainly be running over to Amazon to purchase!


the book looks amazingly lovely!

and here's a big congrats on your new book! :)



Heather K.

After many years of counted cross-stitch I have finally discovered the joy of hand embroidery. I am excited to read your book and learn more about it!


Waiting for a signed copy! I featured you this morning as my Wednesday's Woman. Hope you have time to take a peek. Have a lovely day and Happy September!


Discovered your blog through Not Quite June Cleaver's blog ... looking forward to getting to know you!

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