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Natalie VV

But they don't look the least bit repentant. In fact they look deer.


Awww, how sweet!

Miss Paula



What a beautiful photo. They look like they are right at home.

Lavender Dreamer

How pretty they are! We saw some yesterday at a park and took a bunch of photos! ♥

Mrs. H

Such a superb photo that the deer look like part of the landscape!


What a great photo and your garden is spectacular!


Wow, Vicki, that sure beats fake lawn deer -- they're beautiful. Good luck to your garden!


I get lots of those in my yard too. Sometimes they get carried away when trimming! LOL


Beautiful picture! ~Mandy




When I first saw the photo I thought the same exact thing as your title...."they're back"!
Oh well, what are ya gonna do...they know a good thing when they see it!
Smiles, DianeM :)


You have very handsome gardeners!


Oh, they are so beautiful. I'd be a little bit put out towards them though, if they were nibbling on my "Golden" spirea. I love those bushes and have a couple in my back garden. They are rewarding, I think, seeming to provide interest in almost every season. I'm not too fond of the flower, but I love them in the springtime, when they are a pretty light green, sort of mixed with gold.

Your garden is especially lovely this year!

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