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It's the perfect one for today here, too, as today is the first time the peonies have opened.

Angela Prince-Bex

Thank you so much for posting my state flower.

Gumbo Lily

Oh this is pretty too! My peonies are still shooting up and do not yet have any buds. Soon though. Everything in my gardens is a little late this spring.



Peonies are one of my favs too.
They are so full, colorful, beautiful and delicate.
So far I've been lucky and the deer have stayed away from mine. It's the ants..they LOVE them.
It's hard to cut and bring them inside, without bring ants.


I just brought home a tuber from my mom's peonies in Ohio to see if I can get it to take hold down here in Virginia. I believe peonies will grow here, but they don't seem as plentiful as they are in the Midwest.

The smell of peonies is an instant "childhood smell" for me. And they are so lush and lovely, too!


We have some lovely white/blush peonies in our yard...they look like paper.
Hoosier hugs,
Cheryl in Indiana


I love this one! The peony is one of my favorites. :)

So I was wondering if I could feature Pattern Bee in my online column at the Examiner.com? I write about crafting on a budget and embroidery is such a wallet friendly craft. I would like to the shop and, with your permission, use a few photos from the site (which I would of course credit to you.) Please let me know if this is okay with you! You can see the types of articles I write here:


(I'm a long time reader and customer of both Pattern Bee and the tiny bake shop!) Thanks!

Mom Wald

I just found out there is a Peony Society! Who knew? They should see this!

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