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Miss Paula

Oh Vicki, check out Foxnews.com and look at the birds covered in oil! So sad!

reply: I know--absolutely heartbreaking isn't it?


It is such a beautiful time of year, rain or no rain in the Pacific NW. We're so fortunate to live in these parts, aren't we?

I've missed your posts about such things Vicki, and I've enjoyed reading this one, and seeing your garden. It's so interesting the places that birds choose to nest. A friend and I were talking about that recently. So often, it does seem that they choose dangerous places to live. The tiniest of vines, near roads , on the very outer branch of a tree. I suppose, when one has wings, your perspective might be a little bit different.

I love the labunum, "Golden Chain". I don't have one growing in my garden, but the park across the street has two, and I enjoy them very much.

Love to you, and to yours,



Lovely photographs and your writing gives the perfect picture of springtime in your neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing!


A vole in the sofa? Now that's more excitement than anyone needs. Hope that the weather this weekend cooperates with your plans. As it's raining here, they're cooperating beautifully with mine — window washing! :D

Jordans 2

Thanks for sharing the photos.

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