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Gumbo Lily

It looks like a storybook meadow to me.
A healthy place to relax.



Oh so beautiful Vicki! You live in a wonderland. I love white flowers, and I've been enjoying my windowboxes full of white geraniums both from the inside and the outside. My daisies are late this year, so it's a real treat to see your photographs, and that one of the deer...oh my!

I remember you saying once that daisies reminded you of your mom, and I told you that they were one of my wedding flowers. How could anyone ever think they were "common"? 'Course, come to think of it, I suppose we do have them in common, just in a different way!

This post has made me very happy today.



With views like that, how can you even think of work? I had a little buck and three does run through my yard this morning, just so natural here.

Enjoy your summer.


That deer is looking so cute with the greenary background.

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