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Sharon M.

EEK! The prettiest one so far--I love violets!!! :)

Mom Wald

Here in southern WI I have a collection of violets in several different shades and combinations. I took several years of scrounging sprouts where I found them, but now our yard has waves of white and violet in the spring.

The foliage makes a nice flower bed border, and lawnmower wheels fit under the leaves. No trimming!

I love violets! Thank you for the pattern.

Jeanette Silvey


Jeanette Silvey

I think the Missouri flower is the dogwood by the way...

Jeanette Silvey

I stand corrected.. it is the Hawthorne and I see it is already on the list...

Gumbo Lily

I can almost smell it, it looks so real! Beautiful work, and nice commentary.


Clever Cleo

Violets are prone to being thought of as a weed, as they spring up all over the place and are difficult to control. However, in my opinion, violets are beautiful fragrant flowers. I am so glad you used it as your inspiration.


Yay! NJ made it :) Beautiful job Vicki...you know NJ IS the 'Garden State"...but my friend said that's because of all the garden apartments! lol
Smiles, DianeM

Jordan Sneakers

Thanks for taking the time to share this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I look forward to more.


I just found this project and can't wait to start on these blocks! I did notice that my state of North Carolina with it's dogwood isn't on the state list yet. Thank you for sharing this.

REPLY: North Carolina has been added as #43 on the list--thanks for posting!


Very, very sweet! What a nice idea to give each state a flower. And the irises in your garden are soooo beautiful.

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