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Well Indiana knows how to select a state flower! Your irises are gorgeous. My neighbor's are up, but not yet blooming. It reminded me that I used to have many of them, but none now. That should be remedied. Your comment about diapering made me grin. I, too, had forgotten how.


Just beautiful irises. Have fun with your grandbaby-it will all come back.


Beautiful Iris, they are one of my favorite
flowers. All are wonderful, but that one does look like spun sugar.

Mom Wald

Thank you for sharing your iris' with us!

Gumbo Lily

I love iris and am waiting patiently for my own to bloom. They are delicious-looking!

Have fun with the grandbabe. My almost 2 year old grand lives next door. I love it.



Golly, what beauties your iris are this spring.Thank you for posting such lovely photos. I am saving the state flowers and I hope Oklahoma is soon on your list. The mistletoe is such a strange flower, so some claim the state flower is the Indian Paint Brush in all it's red-orange and gold glory (resembles a daisy). This one grows wild just like the official state flower, mistletoe. Mistletoe is evergreen, grows on trees, and is a parasite which can kill a tree if there are enough clumps of the flower. In color, it is green with yellow flowers and produces white berries that are very poisonous. As the state flower it possesses the white berries only.

REPLY: OK--adding OKLAHOMA as #44 on the list. The Mistletoe is indeed the official flower, and the motif is beautiful despite the plant's reputation as a parasite. Thanks for posting!

soleil de minuit

C'est magnifique. Un autre univers.
It's magnific. An other univers.
A message of France

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