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I just love this photo. Happy gardening Vicki!


LOVE the basket! That is a LOT of seeds! I am the very same way...in my exuberance and celebration of a lovely day in May, I kill myself raking, tugging, digging, pulling and then I get so sore that I can barely move! Lots of tylenol...lots of movement...keep going...keep going.
xo, Cheryl


i would love to have an outdoor bathtub! it makes me think about hot spring~


You shall be busy indeed, judging from the amount of seed I can see.... may you have a wonderful crop!


Your basket is so pretty. My son just started a garden last year and it was alot of fun. It is alot of work though-can't imagine having a large garden. The tub would be nice!


That is a perfect basket for organizing your seeds, and I love the color. It's been chilly most days here, too. We've had hail twice this week!

I too always seem to overdo the first time out in the garden, and I'm in the worst shape of my life, right now. One of the wonderful things about having a garden though, is after those first few days of aches and pains, we do start to feel strong again. Sometimes, in more ways than one.

I love those Mary Jane bathtubs. They look perfect for daydreaming. I have all her books and subscribe to her magazine, plus I have saved her very first magazines. I find her so inspiring, and she loves the same old fashioned sorts of things that I do.

Love the glimpse of your helper too. It's nice that you have someone to garden with, especially with such a large space. Someday, I'd love to live on a large property, but then, I worry, will I be too old to enjoy it, when the time comes? I hope not.

That's a great idea for the tomatoes.


bs honey

I so love this post, it puts me there with you, and I feel this is a wonderful place to be.


Ahhh...bliss. Your bog is my dream escape! So glad when a post pops up, and this one is perfect for the longer, sunnier days of spring-almost-summertime. Good luck with the tomatoes...

Velma Meredith

I wish I could pipe some of this warmth and long garnening time to you. My tomatoes are already producing... a few small ones. Here in Georgia we have such hot long summers. One thing I miss about the north is the definate change in seasons. Autumn is my favorite, but I miss snow too. I guess we can't have it all. If we could,I would have that beautiful claw foot tub to bathe in too. Might as well dream big. :-)

Good luck on your garden. I wish you many many many tomatoes!

Plain and Joyful Living

Gardening is the result of faith, hope and hard work!

Your photo is beautiful. We are also enjoying the beginning fruits of our labors.
Warm wishes, Tonya


Your green basket looks so pretty and like you, can' wait to plant. Our lilacs are out way to early and now it's gone very cold.

I love your embroidery and recently started embroidering again making post cards. I also use oil-paint sticks and glitter glue to keep the muslin from fraying. It's sucn a satisfying craft.

Sneaky Sal

What a lovely day to take pictures. An outdoor bathtub sounds like and ingenious idea in my opinion.

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