Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Lavender Dreams

I hope it's gone for good. I know if you have dogs they will go crazy...and the skunk will, too! Love your beautiful photo. I think I'll try that with one of my mountain shots! ♥

Angela Prince-Bex

O. H. M. Y!


Well...I dont have any advice for ya on the skunk except you migh want to buy Febreeze in industrial size!! LOL Love the pic

Velma Meredith

Love your story... sorry about the smwll. If it ever happens to me I'll try your crazy human strategy. Thanks for the tip. ;-)


Skunks under houses are no fun at all. Glad that you were able to scare him off.

Lovely digital imaging there...I thought you had painted it plein air.

bs honey

My goodness. Now, that was no fun at all. Used to be a song, something about {DEAD SKUNK, LYING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD,STINKING TO HIGH HEAVEN}. No, thank you, I do not wish to smell them dead nor alive. Loved what you did with the pic.


Oh dear.. what a mess!


Oh Vicki! I can't even imagine, but the vision of you all dancing around singing and banging on pots and pans would have been worth the smell....well, maybe not!

Just this week I've been rereading a couple of Gladys Taber's books, and in them she mentions quite often her fondness for a skunk that visits her garden. She named him Blackberry, and even fed him every evening. Occasionally, the skunk would come scratching on the back door, just like a cat. Can you imagine? I guess it never did leave it's calling card. Later, after Blackberry died, another skunk came visiting. She named and fed that one too. Lovely view of the valley. It is fun to play with images. I enjoy doing that too.

Miss Paula

Oh Vicki that smell gets into your nose and doesn't want to come out!! I hope by now you are stink-free!!


Vicki~ We have had the same thing happen to us a few times over the years. I know EXACTLY how you feel. We laugh about it sometimes. *smile* Happy weekend to you! ~Mandy

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