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Miss Paula

Vicki what size are you making these flowers?
I love the violet!!!

REPLY: The block size is 6-1/2 x 6 1/2", so the motifs are around 4 x 4 inches. But you could resize them if you wanted.



Ohhhh My home state!!! It is so pretty!! I am also curious what size they are? Are you going to make them into a quilt?

REPLY: See previous comment & reply for sizes. And YES! I do plan on making a quilt out of them. Stay tuned...



It's me again!lol I was looking at your flowers again.... I have always done outline emboridery...what is the stitch you use to fill in the flowers??? How do you do that ?

REPLY: Hello, me again!

The fill is done using a satin stitch. Check out the embroidery stitch guide on my PatternBee website for the how-to's here: http://www.patternbee.com/embroiderystitches.html



Thank you for the beautiful flower patterns and for the wonderful history lesson on our state flower, the violet. So now maybe I'm ready to start another stitchery quilt.


Violets have such a happy disposition. They bob in the slight breeze and seem to wave hello. Silly I know, but they remind me of childhood and adventures in the woods.

I worked with a gentleman that collected violets. He would go to parks, slightly forested areas and even private homes when invited, to dig up one or two violets and transplant them in his own yard with markers to describe where and when he acquired the plant. Very interesting old gentleman, very gentle!

REPLY: I loved hearing this story! Very sweet! Thanks for sharing it.



I love the smell of violets. They remind me of woodsy places, right after a rain. It is such a fresh, sweet smell.

I have been enjoying your posts about the flowers, but haven't been stitching. I'm trying to learn to crochet, and doing a little needle felting, and trying to figure out what direction to "go" next, as life finally feels as if it is settling some. The old Avonlea series has been keeping me company.

I think sugared violets are so pretty. I always knew they were good for one's soul, but never knew the nutrional value of them. Imagine that! I suppose there are all sorts of wonderful plants that we don't consider for their value in that way.


This one is terrific as well. I followed all your links...very nice ideas. It was fun to see Elizabeth's Maine one all done and putting me to shame. I also enjoyed reading about all the terrific things one can make from the Mexican dress. Those vintage fabrics looked so cool. (BTW, I had no idea that one could eat violets! When they pop up in the back yard, I will try one. Wouldn't they be pretty as a garnish for tea time?! Thanks for the info.

Mom Wald

Delightful embroidery, as always! I've discovered that there are yellow violets, and I thought I had them all. Hmmm....


Thank you for the patterns. I am going to attempt doing this along with you. I would like to add Massachusetts to the list. Thank you!!!


So lovely, thanks for the pattern!

medieval costume

Your creations are really lovely.. Thank you so much for the post. :)

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