Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Sharon M.

Thanks, Vicki, for all these lovely flowers! I love all the info. you post about each one--it's so interesting. They are all so lovely! Have a great day! :)


Okay-so I am finally caught up with you. So this new one came at a perfect time. I like that they are small and sort of a side project that will turn out to be a beautiful large project. Thanks for the patterns.


These posts are so informative, and I really enjoy them. This would be a wonderful project for a classroom, be it a homeschool, or any other. Thank you Vicki.

You know, I was thinking, it would be sort of a neat project to photoshop a photo like you have, and make it large, then truly try to paint an Impressionist style of painting on canvas. I bet many of us would surprise ourselves, as it is a different way of "seeing". You are always an inspiration.

Camila F.

Very sweet work!


Loved reading all the information about this one, too. My daughter Laurel would really enjoy my getting to this one quickly. I think that I'll make her some pillowcases.



Yes, the Mountain Laurel is definitely *the flower* for Pennsylvania !

I live on the continental divide in Pennsylvania and am right in the midst of it !

Your design is really creative.

I was blog hopping and landed on your blog and what a nice visit I had !



Yay, for Pennsylvania! I wish we had Mt. Laurel on our property but there's lots of it all around us. So pretty!

Just wanted to mention the Gifford Pinchot State Park near York, PA since you mentioned Gov. Pinchot. Acres and acres of hiking trails and, I'm sure, plenty of mountain laurel. I know you don't live anywhere close but some of your readers might.

leslie Hernandez

Hi ,
I just wanted to ask you if I could mention your blog in my blog. Your dollhouse bakery really inspired me to make my own version. I'm doing a little post about mine and wanted to credit you with being my inspiration. I love your blog! Thanks


I've just become acquainted with a blog called Exuberant Color. She's cleaning out her basement and has come across her daughter's doll house. It made me think of your wonderful doll house(s) and I thought you might like to see it. http://exuberantcolor.blogspot.com/

Love these embroidered blocks!!!

Mom Wald

Love the pink you chose for your flowers. You are just chuck full of information aren't you?

Miss Paula

I finished my PA flower and will be posting soon!


Thank you for yet another reason to get out my needles and get busy! I just finished the "forget-me-not" redwork design in your free patterns - so pretty! We are moving to Africa in a few weeks. Thank you for posting patterns that I can get half a world away :) Have a blessed week!


I'm excited to find your state flowers! I can stitch them as we visit states in our RV travels... however I feel I am far behind! lol Your stitches are lovely!

Lavender Dreamer

I love Mt. Laurel...we have it in the mountains of NC, too! Lovely design! ♥

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