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Loving the background stories on these. Oh I'm going to do two of these. One for my dear Texas friend who is blind and will be able to feel the texture of the embroidery. Since "Texas Bluebell" is her nickname, perhaps I could do hers on a t-shirt. (I'm still waiting for enough pennies to buy some new computer ink, but I will catch up.)

Lavender Dreamer

How pretty! One of my favorite photos of myself is with me in a field of Texas bluebonnets....long ago! ♥

Tiffaney Cupps

Thank you again! I'm going to start on this block tonight. My "Maine" turned out great!

And for Vee above, I didn't print out the pattern, I just clicked on the full size version link and then traced the pattern from my computer screen. Worked like a charm.


So lovely! I'd like to add Missouri to the state list, please. A pretty one -- flowering hawthorn, I think! (The state tree is dogwood.)


It's gorgeous!! Off to buy blues . . .

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