Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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That quilt if breath taking. I just hope my embroidered blocks will one day make my great-grandchildren proud.
Your colors are beautiful. I probably have the color numbers among my 2000 skeins but if not I will take a list on my next trip to Beaumont.
Thanks for posting the color pictures of the completed blocks.


The block is beautiful!
The quilt is....daunting :I

I just need to buy my fabric and get started.


Such lovely flowers you are embroidering! And I love your details with the writing as well. Who knew the Lady Slipper was hairy?

My Mom would never believe her stitchery made it to the online world; thanks for posting that, too!


ohhh Minnesota!! I am going this week to MN for the very first time. I really appreciate that you dont just post the pic but you give us some neat facts. I really appreciate the time you take with these state flower post. I was talking to my MIL on the phone today and I was telling her about your state flower quilt. She said back in the 60's she started a state bird quilt. She still has it!! She said she would let me see it when I come visit again. Great post!!


Your stitching is just beautiful. A bit of history and facts about each flower makes it even more special.

Isn't it a great country where you have state flowers, state birds, trees, and lots of other state symbols ... Look what was done with the state quarters, just wonderful.

bs honey

Vicki, I love your blog posts,your many talents, the way you are always sharing, the way you love your family, and you do not even know most of us: but you truly make us feel that you do. Your love of life, and people show through on your post and I just wish to say, THANK YOU.

And, I have a request. Please print us up a pattern for the Mississippi state flower. Yep, it's the magnolia and each May and June, when the tree is in full bloom with its white beauty, I just want to go inside, mix up some iced tea, head for the porch, place me and my tea in the rocker and say....BUT, MISS CHARLOTTE, I DON'T NOTHING 'BOUT BIRTHING BABY'S. Love the south.

God Bless,

Velma Meredith

For personal reasons I have not been able to read your blog for a few months. As I catch up on what I have missed, I feel as if I am visiting a long lost friend. Thank you.

Miss Paula

Beautiful!! Love the colors!! I like the sampler too. It's a lot of work but what a legacy!


Just received my packet in time for our ski trip. Am planning to give to my son's wonderful teacher as an end of year gift. Really looking forward to working on this beautiful project!!!

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