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It's lovely! And your research turned up lots of things that I have never known before. Thanks for all the interesting background information. I am downloading and praying for some ink so I can get started on this project. Thanks again!


Oh how fun...a block at a time!


This is wonderful and so generous!!..Thank YOU!! it's been a long while since I've last visited..Love all your charming posts..
Oh yes!..
Perhaps Georgia's Cherokee Rose may be considered soon??? ;-)

Thanks Again,
Kristine ;-)

Donna Mac

Thanks, Vicki. I am excited about the state flowers project. And I would like to put in a request from the beautiful state of Vermont to include our state flower, the red clover. (I guess that explains why we have so much honey up here!)


What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing. Please include the state flower of Maryland, the Black Eyed Susan which is a lovely deep yellow daisy with a dark blackish brown center. :) That's my vote!


What a wonderful project, and such beautiful
Thank you again for your generousity :)
I live in Utah and our state flower is the Sego Lily.


Well, I'm a Canadian, my quilt would be a lot less work! lol
Your work is beautiful, it's going to be a magnificent heirloom!
Thank goodness needle work has made a come back!
Thank you for sharing!


Tiffaney Cupps

Thank you! You have inspired me to work along with you. Of course it helped that you started with Maine, where we live, and the next is Texas, where the hubby grew up :)
I just finished the ME block, I did it all in black, like redwork and I'm looking forward to working on the next one. I'll post it on my blog as soon as I get new batteries for my camera.
Thank you again for sharing this!!

medieval clothes

very wonderful idea you got there.. :) I am impressed.. keep up the good work..

Abbey Rice

Nice! I was born and raised in Maine and have now returned with my husband to raise our family here. I knew that the pine cone and tassel was our state "flower" but did not know the rest of the story. Thanks!

Mary Jo Jones

I absolutely love what you are doing! What a great share for all of us!

Please add the wild praire rose for the wonderful state of Iowa..thanks so much!

Mary Jo in Iowa


Thanks for the freebies, but I could not wait. I ordered the iron on transfers from you website. Now I just have to contain my eagerness until they arrive. I am happy you are giving a bit of state history with the the state flower transfer.
You always amaze me with you generosity and giving spirit.

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