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Barbara H.

So beautiful! We don't have anything like that yet, but a couple of bushes are starting to bud.


I can hardly wait until my daffodils start budding. A couple of nights ago we were down in the teens. Daytime acts like spring is just around the corner, but no...

Love your flowers.


I don't see the daffodils here in Connecticut yet but I can't wait!! I do see a tiny, little Johnny jump up though in the front garden. It's so small...

Best wishes.



Oh how SWEET! We are seeing green shoots pop up everywhere...give us some rain and we'll be on our WAY! Early spring here, too! Such an amazing treat even though it's a tease!


How beautiful! That African Violet absolutely jumps off the screen.


Spring is peeking out around my house too. And I love it!


Please say hello to them for me. ;D


It's been a real pleasure to see the blossoms out these past few weeks. It felt like an early spring... then this morning we had snow! Well, barely a sprinkling, but cold!

I love the daffodil shot, looks like she's posing for you!

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Very nice shots of beautiful flower. You capture the essence of being a flower, to beautify the world we live in.


Ooooo those are beautiful pictures and I am soooo jealous. This isn't the prettiest time of year in s.e. MI - kind of gray, dreary - not so good. Thanks for reminding me that spring is coming!


Spring is early this year! But this cold snap and hail (!) we had today have me worried about all these delicate blossoms popping up. Hopefully my cherry blossoms can hold on!

maggie ann

Your flowers are beautiful...what God makes is exquisite isn't it! I've got an unusual violet just starting to bloom and its exciting to watch the development.

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