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Oh my goodness!!!!This is incredibly adorable! You two are soooo talented. The more I look around on the Web, the more I truly realize just how much amazing talent and creativity is out in the world! It is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this. So cute!

Sharon M.

Adorable and lovely! Talent galore! I love miniatures--anything tiny just does something to me--I squeal inside with delight and usually am overtaken by the excessive "darlingness" of it all. The contest winners will have to be looked at slowly--I just can't take too much in one sitting! LOL!
Your entry is just SO CUTE!!! :)

Abbey Rice

Holy smokes. I looked at the winners...some people really get into their miniatures, huh? Loved yours.


It looks fabulous!


That looks like a really fun project! I think you did great work. I would have never guessed the topiaries were made with oregano. :)


gosh it is so cute!! well done vicki!


Excellent work! I haven't ever entered the contest but I look every year and think about it. :)


What a lovely wedding cake! The thing that I find so appealing about miniatures is the thought of being able to create almost any scene that you can imagine, right down to the tiniest detail. I love antiques, folk art and all those lovely old things that are difficult to find or afford in my real life, but I often think that I could have those things in miniature.

You guys...you have so much fun at your house!


It's so cute.
I must say you & your girls are mini Queens. You create some of most adorable tiny creations I've seen. Congrats..on the package you received, can't wait to see what come from it. I'm sure it will just beautiful.


Ahh...I would love to have a tea party there:-)


I love this little gazebo and its contents for a wedding reception. You are so very very clever, and your girls, too. The details are all so very edible. Magic.


Hello. I just wanted to thank you for the great links to our site! I found your site after noticing in Google Analytics that we had 214 visitors from here last week. After seeing your gazebo, I remembered your entry. Great work! Can't wait to see what you and your girls do with Lisa's Country Cottage. Have fun!

Jay howeller

Very good looking things here keep it up......

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