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Fancy Elastic

yay! I have my first bunch of daffs in the kitchen right now and they have been making me oh-so-happy. Hurrah for spring!


You are so lucky! Mine haven't even considered poking their little heads up out of the ground yet. We still have a month minimum.


I so love spring bulbs...they always look so fresh and cheery!


OOoohh none of those showing up here yet. Thanks for sharing them with us though!



I am looking forward to those sunny blooms!
Perhaps in six weeks?!
Enjoy them for me.

Tammy Wisterman



Just can not believe you have thse beautifull springflowers! They look great, guess I have to wait a little longer for spring..


Dafs are so cheering, reminding us the sun is on its way. Lovely pictures.


Lovely! Its nice to know that spring has arrived somewhere in the world! I hope to see my daffodils in April.


Sunny and happy! Remind me of fried eggs :)


Oooo, how wonderful! The only daffodils I'll be seeing soon are the ones at the grocery store...lol
Smiles, DianeM in snowy NJ


What pretty photos, Vicki. My daffodils are opening too, along with a great many other things. Spring has definitely sprung, a little bit early this year in our part of the world.

Don't daffodils have a lovely scent? It doesn't overwhelm, but if you take time to smell them, what a pleasure they are. Light and breezy, just like spring should smell.


..Sigh...please when you walk by them again, rub your fingers over the delicate petals for me. I think we are a couple more months aways from them poking up their heads. We have almost set a new record for our state and the most snow fall in a year...

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