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This is such a lovely post, Vicki. I remember these books. The sentiment in them feels so much as if they are written from the heart. Perfect for any day really, but especially for Valentine's Day.

I wish you and and all the eggs in your nest, the happiest of Valentine's Days. xo


Such darling ilustrations! Thanks for sharing. :)

Tammy Wisterman

Oh my gosh! I forgot all about those sweet books! I remember them! Thank you for sharing this!


Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

I invite you to enter my Valentine giveaway. You could win a pink, bead-knitted purse, hand-knit by me, with a chocolate bar charm.


lea helmerich

when i was a little girl, i adored those books. my future
boyfriend bought me two little dolls just like the illustrations.

i promptly married him!


I found a few of Joan Walsh Anglund's little books in thrift stores and brought them home...I, too remember them from childhood - so sweet. I think, we got them from the Hallmark store. I also found a very large children's poetry book also illustrated by her...she has different styles in there.
Happy Valentine's Day!


happy valentine's day Vicki! xoxo


I am instantly in love with this book. The illustrations are just so sweet and darling! These would make for beautiful framed art in any little girls room... I am going to have to keep and eye out for them.




I remember this book very well, I still have it at my mom and dad's house. I'm not sure which I find more meaningful, the words or the pictures. Sweet memories.


This brought back sweet memories...I have the book,too! And a doll to go with it. Sweet neighbors gave me the set when I did cat-sitting for them in the 60's.

Thanks for the trek down memory lane!


Oooh, I love this book! My mother bought it for me, when I was little. I looked at the pictures over and over again... I even had a doll, a beautiful girl with a straw hat.


My best friend and I absolutely loved everything Joan Walsh Anglund did and gave each other many gifts that related to her. How fun to have you remind me today. I also bought some of her things for my own daughter--they are timeless and wonderful.


I remember her! Thanks so much for posting this. It warms my heart during such a cold winter.


i have the very same book - and i love it so! i drew and drew those little characters as a child and still do dot eyes all these years later.

happy valentines!

Cathy Lafrenz

Oh my. In 1985, I was taking a client through the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. We took a break and went to Marshall Field's for lunch. There in the book department was Joan Walsh Anglund promoting her books.... it wa the 25th Anniversary of "Love is a Special Way of Feeling".

She did a very personal dedication and a drawing on a children's book that she had just published ... for my 8 yr. old daughter. And she autographed "Love is a Special way of Feeling".

Thanks for the memory. I had almost forgotten that.



I remember these books as well. Just adore the drawing and the text. Sweet! Thanks for this great post. Going off to the thrift shop, now, to look for some Joan Walsh Auglund books. Wouldn't it be nice to see some cards like this?!

Mom Wald

How sweet! I saw her illustrations on greeting cards and other items. It's wonderful that it all started with such sweet books.

Love your sweet heart!


Thanks for the memory jog. I was in my 20's when I discovered her books back in the late 1960's. I bought every one I could afford. I still have them, including one that was dedicated to Bobby Kennedy's children after he died. I drew and re-drew so many of her drawings because I love her style of drawing so much. I think I'll look through them again tonight and take a trip down Memory Lane. Thanks.


I pick up copies of Joan Walsh Anglund's books at the thrift shops when I see them. This weekend I even picked up a counted cross-stitch pattern book at the thrift shop. My daughter just adores the artwork. She thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pictures, as we don't (yet) own this book.


Thanks for reminding me of these sweet books! I always remember, "A Friend Is Someone Who Loves You." I am going to dig those up and read them again:)

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