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Judy @ daily yarns

Sarah is a quick learner. Very nice job Sarah! I just love cute things like that. It is hard to believe I know and I'm not sure I always like these changing times.


I love CK too! But what is the best way to buy it here in the states?
sniffle sniffle sooobbb.

Miss Paula

I am going to crochet the dishcloths from Skip to My Lou!! Already bought my yarn and needle!


That sewing box is so adorable!!!!
I think I might have to get one for my daughter (cough-me) too..lol

Home Companion, very sad.
I so loved that magazine. I have them from way back. I loved the part where they would interview artist, back then there wasn't many of those to be found.

Hope you and your family had a most wonderful Thanksgiving, full of love and happiness.


To have sisters, that always has been a dream of mine :-) And ofcourse it's no surprise they are creative, with your genes!


That sewing box is so sweet! I weep a little whenever I look at the CK goodies, wishing that somehow I could manage to get something!! I also weep a little when I think about Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion. I am just getting down all of my Christmas issues from the attic right now, so I can peruse, be inspired and reminisce.


Oh that little sewing box is obscene! You make me want to have another little girl so I can watch the knit together. So utterly lovely to think about.

Now, off to Cath Kidston's page for a good cry!

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