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it looks so yummilicious! thanks for sharing the recipe Vicki!


Looks superyummie, I'm sure my kids will love this!!


I've tried carmel popcorn before and it didn't turn out to well...lol....I might give this one a shot. Looks Yummy!

Lavender Dreams

YAY! A recipe I can try! I can't eat much sugar so I am always looking for a healthier version to things I love. I have been wanting to make poppycock...it has peanut butter...but it also has sugar and syrup. Maybe I'll get brave and leave the sugar out! Thanks!


Okay, I was in the market last night looking for Fiddle Faddle! Couldn't find it and I had such a craving I bought Quaker Caramel rice cakes which, incidentally, didn't cut the mustard when one wants caramel corn...LOL! Gonna try this recipe ASAP!


And what a nice gift to package up in cellophane with a frayed tartan ribbon for Chrismtas!!!:-)

cathy lafrrens

Looks like a great recipe ....... but when you say a "cube" of butter, do you mean an entire pound?

And yes .... this would be the perfect Christmas gift for my egg customers!


That looks delicious! Thank you for the recipe!
Please take a minute to check out my Etsy Store:
Thank you and Have a Blessed Day,


The corn kernels that don't pop are called OLD MAIDS ?
I won't repeat this when I make your delicious-looking recipe the next time everyone is ready for a snack !! I'll just let them enjoy all that caramelly goodness .

Remo Australia

OMG!!! This Crunchy Maple Corn really looks so delicious. Thank you so much for posting its ingredients and directions on how to make it. I will try this at home. Thanks!!!


Oh YUM! This looks fabulous and I'm sure taste even better. Thank you for the recipe ...I'm going to try it this weekend. We are expecting a snow storm and I can't think of a better way to spend the day. Crunchy Maple Corn and Hot Cocoa!


It looks wonderful! I too am not sure what you mean by a "cube" of butter. If you could "enlighten" us that would be great! Thank you.


This is one of those foods that I dare not make, unless there are lots of people around to help eat it. Once I start eating caramel corn, I can't stop! Almonds would be a lovely addition too, wouldn't they? Packed in tins, your recipe would make a wonderful holiday gift too. Thank you Vicki, for sharing.

Judy @ daily yarns

Oh Yummy!!!!

Jenn Docherty

yummy!! I definitely want to try this! Thanks for sharing your recipe!!


Mine is in the oven right now - it was super easy to make...far easier than other recipes I've tried! We're avoiding refined sugar as much as possible so this will be a nice little treat for my family of five to enjoy together. Thanks so much for the recipe :0)


i'm definitely going to try this, i don't know why i haven't thought of it before!

Where Women Create

What a beautiful blog! I hope you don't mind that I just added you to my blog roll. I'll visit often! Blessings~Jo

Emily Moss

Oh, this looks like a super delicious snack!!!

Vintage Indie

My oldest son helped me make a batch of this for granddaddy's birthday today. We used pecans and cashews instead of peanuts and it was yummy!

Thanks for the recipe.


Thanks so much for this recipe! I was just talking to my girls yesterday about making more of the snacks that they take to school. We have a plan to make cookies on Sundays and portion them out so nobody eats too many during the week.
The one thing they swore we couldn't reproduce from a packaged treat was caramel corn! So, I'm going to try it this weekend, too.

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