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Such a dear face...
Don't our pets charm their way in to our hearts? I am sorry for your loss.

Lavender Dreams

Oh, I'm sorry, too. How precious he was! I've got my hubby trying to help me think of something funny! lol I would LOVE to win a copy of your book!
OK...my hubby got this in his emails today. It's a really funny cat!



So sad, he looked like a loyal companion. My funny story is actually my brother's story. When my middle brother was in 1st or 2nd grade my parent's took our cat, Smooky to the vet to have her spayed. My parents knew it would be hard to explain the procedure to my brother, so they told him she was having her tonsils removed. When my parent's went to back to school night, my brother's teacher said "oh your the family who's cat had it's tonsils removed."


So sorry for your lost :((

I had a friend that she had two hamester that she belive were male.
One they she looked at their cage and there they were little hamester...
After all they were mal and female.



My funniest family story involves my oldest child. She has since graduated from college Cum Laude, got married and is a business success. However-- when she was a sophomore in high school she was going on a school trip to dance in the Macy's Day parade in Chicago. It was the very early morning and we were trying to get out the door and to the airport. I yelled at her to hurry up and she exclaimed she was going as fast as she could. I went to the bathroom to check on what her hold up was and there she stood, next to her electric toothbrush. She would pick it up from the charger, turn it on and brush for a couple seconds until the charge ran out, then place it back on the charger with an angry huff. She cried she couldn't hurry because she needed to finish brushing her teeth and her battery was worn down!! I stood there slack jawed and said 'Honey, why don't you just move your wrist like so', and proceeded to make a teeth brushing motion. She turned red in embarrassment and burst into tears. Many years later, we now all laugh about it.


My family lives in the country. My mom came home late one night and found a door open so she was concerned that someone had broken into their home. She goes back to her car, calls my brother, asks him to come over, and go through the house for her. My brother shows up wearing his boxer shorts, cowboy boots and carrying a hand gun. My mom told him he would not have to shoot anyone they would fall over in laughter once they saw him.

All was well, nothing was missing and no one was found in the house but this story can bring tears to my eyes thinking about his choice of outfits.

Sorry to hear about your loss. Hopefully this will brighten your day.

Soon I will start a stitching blog and I will not longer be a lurker.


I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to loose a family pet.

When my oldest daughter was about five, the family went to the "Sunken Gardens" in Sarasota, Florida. While we were walking down a stone fenced path, there were some goats on the other side that came up to greet us. My daughter ran to the fence and held out her arms. She could bearly reach over the fence. The next thing we knew a kid ran to the fence, reared up on his hind feet and wraped his two front legs around her neck. To this day, she will tell you how she has always been an animal lover, and they love her back, because the goat gave her a great big hug.

Elizabeth Fedorko

What a sweet little furry fellow. I am sorry for your loss. He lead a wonderful little life :)

My story involves a little furry gerbil my son had when he was four. He called the gerbil Tick (don't ask me why). So Tick was a happy little gerbil, and our son was happy to have his first pet. One day he came screaming and crying into the kitchen tell me that something was attacking Tick in the aquarium where Tick lived. I rushed in.
Three wee black baby gerbils were enjoying their lunch as Tick lay in HER bedding. I had to explain to my little boy that Tick was girl and had babies. He pressed me wanting to know where they came from. I hemmed and hawed and finally told him that Tick brought them with her. He looked at me, then at Tick and her babies, smiled and said: "We are So lucky 'cause we got four gerbils instead of one!"
I said "yes" but wasn't as enthusiastic as my son. I quickly called my husband and said, "We need three more aquariums." When the gerbils were weaned from Tick we separated them. Our son now had a gerbil community in his room with four aquariums!~~~XXOO, Beth


The other day my 2 year old was running around the house with out his pants on. I asked him where did your pants go? He said they're at the dry cleaners. haha not the funniest story ever but it put a smile on my face.

Barbara H.

I'd love to win a copy of your book!

Does the story count if it is something that almost happened? :-) Years ago my middle son had a bad habit of saying "Just a sec" when I wanted him to do something. I like to be a considerate parent and not walk in and demand that they put down what they are doing immediately to do what I ask when possible, but his constant saying of "Just a sec" before responding was going too far. I was just about to tell him, "No more secs!" before I caught myself and realized what that would sound like. I probably would have raised questions I wasn't ready to answer!

A loss of a pet is a sad time -- I'm so sorry.


Today as I was driving with my two year old in the back seat he started to sing along with the radio in the back seat. He didn't know any of the words so he just started belting out his own. I was trying not to laugh to hard 'cus I knew he would stop. Suddenly, he stops and said, "mama, why don't they now the word to my song on the radio?" I wish I can a video camera, he was so into it.
So sorry to hear about your family's hampster. Hope you get a little laugh out of this story. I would love to get ahold of your book


So sorry about your furry friend, we have had more hammie funerals than I can count. They all had Christmas stockings and blankies, funny names and cute cages.
This was funny, my daughter found a cute baby ham at the pet store and couldn't resist. We brought it home and she made it a nice home. Late one night when we had the hammie for about a week my husband was making sure that everyone was tucked in when heard a scream. Our baby hamster was in the process of giving birth to 7 of her own! They looked like tiny pink jelly beans.

sherri s.

Condolences on your loss...November has been a bad month all around, I do declare (at least for me and a few other bloggers I read).

My story is a weensy bit off color (just a tiny bit). My husband was raised in a very proper family, very reserved, quiet, polite, no huge family gatherings (no going barefoot!). At my grandma's 80th birthday party, I saw him engaged in conversation with various of my cousins. When everyone had left and my immediate family was gathered around the table, he took a deep breath and said, "I bet I learned something today that you all didn't." What could that have been, we all wondered? "I learned from your cousin exactly how to [neuter] a hog." The look on his face was the best! We still laugh about that today!



I am so sorry for your loss. I've never had a hamster but have had numerous cats and now I have a dog I adore! My funny story involves animals too. I have a habit of leaving my back door open on pretty or warm days. When my kids were little one day I could here yelling and running. I came from the back of the house to see a strange dog being chased by three kids chasing our cat around the kitchen table. The dog was barking, the cat was running crazy, and the kids were laughing and screaming! I joined the chase to catch the dog since the cat and kids seem to be out of hand the most. They of course wanted to keep the dog but I knew it belonged to someone close by because it was a pure bred Chow. I guess I didn't learn my lesson because I still leave the door open!
Happy Thanksgiving!


So, so, sorry about your sweet little hamster! I love your blog. Here is my funny story... 5 months ago, my friend and I were stroller walking and went to go feed some ducks at a pond on an abandoned old property behind the grocery store. We decided to walk around a bit more, and check out this old place, and to our surprise found 9 cows!!! We completely disregarded the no trespassing signs posted everywhere, and decided to go and give some love to these mysterious cows,
( who owned them? where did they come from? what kept them from wandering into busy streets nearby? were they hungry? who was feeding them?) well, after we and are little ones had had enough cow snuggling for one day, we continued our stroller walk. It wasn't until 20 minutes later, when 2 police cars pulled up along side us in the parking lot of blockbuster video, that we discoverd that one of the cows had been following right behind us for a good two blocks! I don't think the police were too humored, considering they had to get back up to get the cow back onto the property, but we sure had a giggle and were the talk of our quilt group for a good two weeks after!

Jo  James

Sorry about the hamster sadness :(

OK, this silly story involves potty training. Consider yourself warned.

When she was 3, my willfully independent redhead was bound and determined to never poop again. It was not good. Not surprisingly the little monkey was having tummy issues as a result. So the pediatrician recommended the book Everybody Poops. It's a darling little picture book talking about how it's all natural and all the cutesy animals do their thing. Upon finishing, I said something to the effect of, "See, it's no big deal. Everybody poops." To which she looked my in the eye, without and moment's hesitation, and said, "ANGELS don't poop." I said, "Why do you think that?" She explained completely matter-of-factly, "If they did, it would fall on our heads." sigh.


So sorry for your loss, pets touch our hearts and are so dearly missed.
As for the story, When my daughter was young, around 12 she got a baby duck for Easter. She named her Daffy. She had a box in the back yard for Daffy to sleep in but before long she was sleeping in my daughter's bedroom next to her. Daffy became so attached to her and would quack for her and follow her everywhere. Before long the duck grew up and I knew it was time to give Daffy away. We lived about a mile from a huge park with a pond that had many ducks, so one evening we took little Daffy over there and walked around with her for awhile and then when Daffy wasn't looking we ran and got into the car and started to slowly drive away. Daffy realized we were leaving and starting quacking up a storm running after the car. It was quite a site. My daughter and I both were in tears, but I knew Daffy would adjust and it was best for her. We waited 2 days and went back to check on her and there she was as happy as a lark in the pond with about 6 others, she had found her a family. My daughter and I were happy too. :)


I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm still missing our kitties who passed last year and the year before. Amazing how much a little bit of fur can touch our hearts & souls, isn't it?

One Thanksgiving, after coating the turkey with butter and turning for literally a moment to place the butter back into the fridge, I turned back to find Pinky (kitty) up on the counter, madly licking away at the turkey! I chased him away, used the baster to re-butter the area, seasoned and put the turkey in the oven. (I figured surely the heat of baking it for 5 hours would kill any possible germs!)

Now, my mother's holiday moods are Notorious in our family. Before dinner had even started, she was driving me batty. While my ex(boyfriend) and I were getting dinner ready in the kitchen, I kept saying, in an aggravated hushed voice, "I swear, if she doesn't knock it off, after she starts eating dinner, I'm going to tell her Pinky licked the turkey!" My ex didn't want me to do it for fear of turning dinner into an all out war!

Years later, one Thanksgiving with myself, my Husband and my Mom, I told her of Pinky the Thanksgiving turkey licking bandit and the look on her face was Priceless! Then we all had a good laugh about it (still do at the holidays)!


I am so sorry for your loss. Our family with fur just entwine themselves around our hearts and then pass on too quickly. This story happened two days ago. I was up on the orchard ladder hanging winter lights (I am afraid of heights, so I was very focused on the job at hand), hubby was talking to the neighbor as they raked leaves and Bob (our cat) was looking for mice who had been living under the leaves. Aha, said Bob. Found one! Just as he was about to pounce, Mr. Red Tail hawk swooped down, said thank you very much, and scooped up the mouse. Bob jumped up to catch the hawk (Bob's not real bright and according to him it was an eagle or condor). The hawk went into the neighbor's yard for a late lunch with Bob in hot pursuit. Hubby scooped Bob up and put him in the house (with treats) so he could tell the older kitties his tale. (Bob was a stray that showed up during a snow storm with two broken legs. Our neighborhood adopted him and got him back to health.)
I also wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your book and that the patterns can be used for fabrics other than felt. I recently made 2 Ella Noras out of my SIL's Grandmother's pink chenille robe and they turned out so cute. Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers.


I am also sorry to hear of the loss of your dear pet. May his memories always stay with you.

This always makes me chuckle. I teacher preschoolers and every day we do the weather. The children get up on a step stool and look out the window then go over to a chart to post what they see with this darling bear with visual prompts so the kids can put up the right pieces. This one little boy, Nelson, who has spiked strawberry blonde hair and freckles puts up the bear with clouds, the bear with the sun and the bear with beads of sweat coming off his head which represent cloud, sunny and hot. I then ask him to tell the class nice and loud what the weather is. He states proud as can be, "It is cloudy, sunny and sweaty!" Always makes me laugh!


Laughter seems to follow the name game around here. My name is not Mindy, but I've been called that since day one. When I go to the Dr.'s office I look around like everyone else when they call my name two or three times, then it finally sinks in that it's me so I sheepishly head to the exam room with pitiful stares following me. Top that off with the fact that my brother's names are Matthew, Mark, Luke and Duncan and you understand why I wouldn't let my parents suggest names for my children. The in the seventies my favorite pet was a dachshund named Watergate. My grandmother named the whole litter Watergate related names.

Angela Prince-Bex

So sorry for the loss of your pet. We have struggled with that pain recently ourselves. I unfortunately do "crazy" well. The first story that popped into my mind is...I was making a cash withdrawal through the window teller. My dd was about 12 at the time and we were chattering away as usual. I filled out the slip. Received my money. Counted it. Then put it BACK into the tube and drove off. My dd kept looking at me funny and suggested we stop in the parking lot and call her daddy... NOW mom. I did stop and asked her why we needed to call daddy. In the meantime as she was telling me I was "unwell", someone knocked on my rolled up window and scared the bejeebers out of me. It was a male bank officer who had chased my car down with my $200. I thanked him and he thanked me for my donation to their petty cash fund, but thought I mind need it more. Sis made up a song about this and reminds me often of that day. She is 22 now and I remind her that her time of crazy is coming.

Nancy V

I am so sorry for the loss of your little friend. Pets become such members of our family. I can tell you a cute little story about some Russian dwarf hamsters my boys had years ago. We were buying back to school clothes at the mall one day and we stopped in the pet store. The boys begged for pets, like they ususally did when we went in there. I gave in to two adorable hamsters. I asked the clerk if she was sure they were the same sex. She said absolutely. So, I foolishly bought the deluxe habitat for them and away we went. When we got home, my boys fought over who would have them in their room. That wasn't too bright to buy one cage, I realized. So, we left the cage outside their rooms in a neutral position in the hallway until we could figure out a plan. The boys made all kinds of excuses that night to get out of bed and see if their new pets were sleeping. My husband and I were watching a movie and were interrupted every 5 minutes with up to date observations as to where they were and what they were doing. Imagine my surprise when I heard that the hamsters were up in their tower "playing cowboy". Needless to say, I had to buy another habitat to separate the mom to be and the dad so nobody got hurt. The boys had their own cages and pets and you can bet I did plenty of research after the 6 babies were born so I could separate them(boys from girls) when they were old enough!


I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your furry friend. I've been there myself, and I truly sympathize.

Now for a funny story....

Growing up, everyone in the neighborhood knew we were the family with a weak spot for unwanted critters. We ended up with a wide variety of stray creatures over the years, including the infamous Henry....

An eigth grade class at the local school had raised a rooster as a science experiment. Now that they were done, they needed to find a home for him.

The cage in which they had kept Henry had caused his feet to become deformed so he walked sideways with a limp in a very quasimoto-like fashion. In addition to this, he was more than a little neurotic and had some behavioral issues.

My Nana was a sweet and compassionate woman, so, of course we took in Henry and gave him a new home.

Henry was an interesting creature, and soon began to run the social empire that was the pet population of the back yard. He decided the garage was his, and defended it vigorously against intruders, both animal and human alike.

It was soon discovered that Henry was also very amorous, and had an unnatural fetish for shoes. Anytime a person walked out the door and attempted to enter the garage, Henry would come hobbling sideways with his wings spread wide and proceed to get frisky with the offender's shoes!

Needless to say, all of us ladies and children were terrified of Henry and gave him a wide berth... The problem was, the extra fridge and freezer were in the garage and we often needed access when there were no men folk around to venture into the fray.

A creative solution was needed, and finally found. We collected old shoes in a basket near the garage door. When we needed something from the garage, we would throw a shoe to the far end and wait until Henry ran to make his romantic advances on it. As soon as he was otherwise engaged, we would run in as fast as we could and grab what we needed. We were always sure to make a speedy exit.

The highlight of the weekend for us kids was watching Papa go into the garage with his work boots on to collect all the shoes. Some of my earliest memories are of him in the garage with Henry clinging to Papa's feet for dear life, clucking and flapping away.

Henry went on to live a very full Rooster life in the garage. Despite his early life in a rotten old cage, he was happy in his own way, and fancied himself to be quite the ladies (well, shoes) man.

I always think of him fondly whenever I see roosters, and remember how much color he added to my childhood days.




Welive on a small plot of land and when we first moved here we raised some goats. My son was about 3 and we had a Nanny goat that was expecting anytime. I moved her up to the edge of our lawn so I could keep an eye on her. My son loved to go pet her. I calle him in to go to the school and pick up his brother and sisters. When we got back from picking them up he ran out to check on Nanny and I went with him. Well she had her baby while we were gone and he said " who put that there?" I laughed and laughed. I had to explain that nanny had had her baby.
Thanks for listening to my story even if I do not win


My kids will never let me live this one down. One day last summer I went out to run some errands. I slipped on my sun glasses and off I went. I stopped by the drive up at the bank....the clerk was especially friendly and couldn't stop smiling. I went through McD's drive through for my morning D.C. ...same thing, smiling(almost chuckling) clerk. I drove all over town. It seemed as though everyone I stopped next to at a light was so happy as EVERYONE smiled at me. I thought to myself, 'what friendly, happy people', and made sure that I waved to every single one of them.

At noon I stopped at Del Taco for lunch (drive up again), the clerk was smiling and giggling, like she had just been told a funny story. What a happy day. I then stopped at Home Depot where I had to actually get out of the car and go in. I waved at a young man in the parking lot that looked at me and smiled then reached up to take off my sunglasses.

Much to my surprise, my finger went right through were the glass SHOULD HAVE BEEN. I had one lense in and one lense out and had been trotting around town all day like that. I just busted out laughing right there in the Home Depot parking lot!!!

Mom Wald

Toodle-loo Pumpkin! Enjoy Hamster Heaven!

Pam Kellogg

Vicki, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I too get so attached to my sweet little companions and I know all too well how much it hurts. I lost my Garfield back in April. He was 18 years old and had been with me since he was 6 months old.

A cute little story about my Garfield:

Whenever he got into something and my husband scolded him, Garfield would go upstairs, sit at the top of the steps and talk back to Scott for about 10 minutes. Once he got it out of system, he would come back down and everything was fine.

It's not a "roll on the floor laughing" story but we always thought it was cute when he did that!


My funny story. I grew up in the city and when all my kids were out of school, we moved to the country. One day I saw a pig on our property and promptly called the sheriff and told them someone's livestock had gotten out and was visiting for awhile. Well, the sheriff shows up sees the pig and starts howling with laughter and said "ma'am that's not a pig, that's a javalina hog, their wild". That was about 10 years ago and I am embrassed to this day.


Sorry to hear about your hamster. My sister had one when we were little, but my mom hated it. She thought they looked like mice, and the first time she saw it, she said, "get that creepy critter out of here." So my sister named the hamster Critter.

But that wasn't my funny story. I have a 5 year old son who would love to have a dog. We can't have one right now, and he also doesn't think it's fair that his older siblings (teenagers) can have gum and he can't. One day we were driving along and out of the blue, he said, "When I get a wife, I'm going to eat gum and have a dog for a pet and a cat for a pet, and if my wife doesn't like all the pets, I'll get rid of the cat." For a minute I thought he was going to get rid of the wife! Anyway,hope that made you laugh. I love your book and would love to have a copy!!!


Sweet little Pumpkin. One lucky hamster to find his way into your family. I recently adopted a kitten. I've had four well-behaved kittens in the past, all at the same time. Not so with Moochie. She gets into everything including all my craft supplies and loves every minute of it. The other night, I got out of bed at about 3 a.m., put on my terrycloth slippers and sleepily made my way to the bathroom. On the way back to bed, I noticed that my right slipper felt very tight. I was a little alarmed, thinking that maybe my foot was swollen. There didn't seem to be anything stuck in the slipper, just my foot. Without turning on the light,I sat down on the bed and felt my foot for evidence of swelling when the back of my hand touched something nearby. It turned out to be my original right slipper, so Moochie had dragged out an old slipper from under the bed and happened to place it exactly in the right place for me to slip my foot into it. Smart or just plain mischievious? I swear I heard cat giggling coming from under the bed. I would love a copy of your book and thanks for your lovely blog.

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