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Judy @ daily yarns

I love the one on the rights expression.


Love your laughing tricksters. Happy Halloween to you and your family.


"Oh yes , " says the one on the right ,
" that gets them every time ! "


Happy Halloween!


P.S. - Please come over to enter our 2nd Annual Halloween Contest/Giveaway - better hurry!

Miss VanDroo

They are so cute! Cracking each other up for sure!

Account Deleted

Hehe, they crack me up! Happy halloween Vicki!


~Merry Halloween!~ ~Mandy


Cute little guys!


So cute! Hope you roasted all of the seeds! Happy halloween

jenny b harris

Hehehe... those guys are a funny pair! They look like a couple of old guys sharing a joke. Happy Halloween!!!


I just love your carved pumpkins! They look so amused, as if they're up to something, or as if they've just done something naughty. Very funny! Congratulations for the great job!

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