Welcome to my little corner of the crafty blogasphere. My name is Vicki and I blog about home*craft and everyday adventures from the heart of the valley in the Pacific Northwest.

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Jean C.

Might I make a suggestion? I have 3 girls and 1 son. I have started to pass some of the things like aprons, my black fry pan (our son laid claim to it! LoL... he asked for it when some day we go the way of all things.... so I gave it to him/and his bride a few years back!) just cause... why not let the kids also have the memories... b/4 they forget what the memories are! Besides I figure I have enough "stuff"... and this way I can make new... things and memories with the grandkids!


The Embroidery Directory is wonderful. I didn't think PatternBee could improve, but you have accomplished the impossible. I feel deprived if I don't get to check it at least once a week.
Your blog is enjoyable and informative, my favorite place on the web. Thank you for replenishing my creative spirit.


Like grabbing a cup of tea and having a nice chat... always a pleasure to see what's happening at Turkey Feathers.


Whatever you are going to come up with or create, it always looks fabulous!

Samantha Martz

Wow, your directory is great!!!
I love to see all the embroidered items you make and
am excited to see what you make for Autumn and Christmas time too:)I want to get started on some things myself!


very sweet mosaic..now i feel like having coffee and cake!


I love seeing your needlework and the directory is wonderful!


Coffee 'N' Cake 'N' Patternbee, what could be better? Love the new directory. Happy Stitching!




I'm trying to get on your Patternbee.com and can't! :(
Could you help me?

Kathie Hill

Just wait...........those aprons aren't quite filled with all the memories they will be able to hold! Grandkids (and maybe even some day great grandkids) will fill those lovely child sized beautifully embroidered cookie and cake dust holders with even more memories that will be fantastic!

vicki haninger

I agree! I've already passed some things along to my older grown kids. The aprons will be nice to get out when my granddaughters visit.

vicki haninger

Thank you! This is so nice to hear sometimes.

vicki haninger

Thanks Velma! I'm so happy it's DONE!

vicki haninger


vicki haninger

Thank you Patty--I hope to share more creative stitchery soon!

vicki haninger

..oh, me too!

vicki haninger

Thanks Samantha! BTW I love your blog header--the grandmother's flower garden blocks are so pretty.

vicki haninger

Love your new "birdhouse"...congratulations!

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