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I want to finish up the rest of the garden chores for the year. I really need to deal with the large pile of tree trimmings, weeds, and thorny clippings (all the stuff that doesn't go in the regular compost or to the chickens). What a job!

Jean C.

Yep, apples are on my list too... after I do a bread demo at Church. I guess there are still people out there who don't know how to make bread... that's o.k... if they are willing to learn I'm willing to teach them.
More pears to do too and a large bushel of peaches!
Have fun with your pickles!


Fun with apples ? Toffee apples , dunking for apples .... then I run out of ideas . Actually I always envy people who can make long strings of dried apples . It's much too humid here to have any success . But it seems such a thrifty pioneer sort of thing to do .


We went apple picking yesterday..today I'll bake the promised 2 apple pies. Perfect for taking the autumn chill off our bones here in NJ. Thankfully we don't have a deer problem here...but an occassional black bear has been seen wandering our neighborhood! Happy Columbus Day :)


I am ready to make my Apple Sauce and Apple Butter. The whole family states that is their favorite of my canning.

I live in the South, so I wish for cooler weather. This week-end (with the heat index) the temps. were 102 and 105. I do miss Fall!

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