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Your antique quilt is beautiful. I've always wanted to do a solid color quilt and this quilt is pure inspiration towards that goal. Thank you for sharing the quilt and its story.


What a lovely quilt....with a wonderful story.


OH I imagine her now. Putting her nose in the pile of fabric and inhaling his smell......


Oh, that is lovely, and looks so warm. I have a bunch of my DH's old plaid flannel shirts tucked away with the intent of someday making a simple patchwork quilt from them. I don't want to wait till he's gone, though!


It is beautiful. It has been well kept too.
I made a similar gift for my mother in law... my father in law passed away, and I made a quilt for her, using his aloha shirts. It was one of the most emotional and gratifying projects I have ever undertaken. It is nice to think of these family treasures being appreciated for always.


Wow, that is such an awesome story and a beautiful quilt! Thanks so much for sharing this, I really enjoyed reading it!

Jean C.

Aren't quilts wonderful!!! And they just get more lovely with age! I would never have thought of weaving it like lattice. Great idea! I wonder if she sprayed it with like Old Spice aftershave or something that reminded her of him?

Lavender Dreams

I love those colors, too! Looks just perfect to a cool day like today! Give me a book and a quilt...I'm happy!


A very clever, practical and pretty quilt with a wonderful story. I'm very fond of wool quilts.


how beautiful...and what a beautiful story!



louise hatchard

heartstring tugging story - beautiful, as is the quilt. thanks for sharing that.


What a lovely quilt and story. It is so special when you know the story behind a handmade object.


That is the very best kind of quilt. Thank you for sharing it.


Lovely quilt, lovely sentiment. I'm glad it found its way into your home.


Beautiful colours and the latticing is very striking . A lucky find !


I cry so easy.... Beautiful quilt, beautiful story...


Don't you just love it when you have the wonderful quilt AND a story that goes along with it? Thanks for sharing.

After being inspired by the book/movie Julie & Julia, and your book BLANKET STATEMENT, I have chosen to attempt to create all 40 of your adorable projects and blog about it. Just thought you'd like to know you have a fan out here in Illinois! Thanks for writing and creating this truly adorable book!


Thank you, Vicki, for sharing this lovely post. The simple beauty of the quilt, and the sweet and loving story about it, is quite endearing.


oh what a beautiful quilt and wonderful story too. Absolutely love the colours and it's perfect for chilly days ahead !


The quilt is just fabulous!

: )

Emily Moss

Such a heartbreaking story behind this quilt. It is truly beautiful and brings a whole new meaning to recycling. Thank you so much for sharing.


What a great quilt. And that story is so touching. I can imagine you treasure it.


Such a wonderful story for such a unique and handsome quilt. Thanks for sharing that with us.

urban craft

not only a beautiful quilt but sounds like that man was a snazzy dresser.

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