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I like the idea of these blankets being called Match Rugs . That somehow implies loud cheers and hot dogs .
In England they're called car rugs ....for when you're intrepidly driving down a leafy lane and feel a trifle chilly . Or if you get out of the car , set up a couple of folding canvas chairs by the side of the road and drink tea out of a thermos flask .
Your red blanket looks cosy enough for either !

Account Deleted

Beautiful, cozy autumn image! Perfect!

Emily Moss

I love this type of old blanket. We still have two of them that are from my hubbie was a baby. They are still in great shape too and we use them frequently. Your autumn photos are fantastic.


If we were sitting around the table, I would be the one smiling, sipping tea and nodding in agreement.

Jean C.

Well, way to go and inspire someone! You should be feeling pretty good right about now! I need to go find your book... My girls and I want to go to Julie/Julia together... we shall see if we can fit it in!
Take care... keep warm...


Lovely fall photos!

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