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Maria Stahl

I love those little yellow tomatoes that look like pears! Don't you think they would make great jewelry? I can so see one hanging from a chain as a necklace.


Never seen the little yellow tomatoes, they look yummie! Can't believe you have 'wild' turkeys walking around? I do like the sound they make.


So inspiring, as always.


Your yellow pear and cherry tomatoes look awsome. I like to eat them as a snack, just pop them in my mouth as I go about my business. I'm sure you are enjoying them.

What a great find, all of that material at such a low price, and very pretty too. I realy like your new curtains.

You are such a kind heart to "accidentaly" toss the food for the turkeys. My how they have grown.


I really like your curtain material , an amazing bargain ! And they look perfect at your windows . Meanwhile you seem to be coping well with the danger of being swamped by tomatoes of every variety and colour . My pedestrian round red ones are keeping me busy enough . I'm eating so many I expect to wake up bright orange one of these days ! Autumn's gorgeous , isn't it !


I love you pickle cutter! And, I sure know how you feel about preserving the bounty - so busy this time of the year. I will be glad to get back to crafting more soon.


Mmm...pickles look tasty! Yes, this time of year does sometimes seem overwhelming, but the cooler weather and sunshine is a blessing:-) We have a turkey family that passes through our front pasture everyday. Our chickens just kind of look at them like, hey who are you...LOL!


That serrated edge cutter is too sweet. I love what you've done with the pickles and everything. This is my favorite time of year, as busy as it is. :)

Also wanted to let you know that I am having a big giveaway on the blog and sign-ups last until Sunday night! The giveaway was given to RTH by the ever-inspiring author of Craft Nectar. Hope to see you there! :) http://reclaimingthehome.blogspot.com/

vicki haninger

Yes, they have grown quite a lot this summer and very quickly. Must be the raisins...hee hee.

vicki haninger

That is funny--I love watching animals!


Theyr'e selling those cutters in kitchen shops near me but they are so expensive, I'm sure you got your vintage cutter for a song!

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