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Thank you very much for the information on the natural pectin. I will try it next year, as I have put up all of the jam I need for this year. Your scones and jam look mouth watering good. I wish I lived close enough to have some with you while we exchange recipes.

Lavender Dreams

I have been loving the scones with fresh fruit! Great info in your post! Thanks!


I saw that and wondered how good it would be. Thanks for the tip.


I love how you JAM! Really, Vicki...I am so happy you are back and thanks for the inspiration to start making some jam of my own. I LOVE how pretty the jars look when they are lined up on a vintage linen covered shelf. So cozy, especially on a cold winter's day.


I always thought pectin was from fruit origins? Gelatin is from animals, but to my understanding, pectin is from non-animal sources. I hope so, anyway, because I'm a vegetarian and I always use regular store pectin (Ball brand, I think) in my jam. :) The only ingredients listed are fruit-origin ones.

Love the scone photo--it's making me want to make some. MMM.


I have an idea for you if you ever put up any apples. My mom was trying to make apple jelly and didn't do it quite right. It came out with the thickness of honey. I think she said she just overcooked it. Since you obviously know what your doing when it comes to canning, maybe you already know what she did wrong. Anyways, it was the best thing I have ever tasted. We called it apple honey. And of course since it was so good it did not last very long. Which made me sad, very sad.


I have used Pamona's several time and really really liked the results. I hadn't heard of the other so I will definately look into that. I make all manner of spreads from relishes, to jams, conserves and marmalades. I enjoy the challenge of melding flavors and trying new things

vicki haninger

Yes, you are correct about the difference between gelatin and pectin; I wrote pectin when I actually meant to say gelatin. (oops!)I appreciate you making that clarification---it's now been corrected so as not to add further confusion.

Jam on!


Yummy -- I've enjoyed your jammy posts! Just want to let you know that you can get agar agar powder on amazon.com at a substantial cost savings. I never thought of making jam with it -- and it's good to know that I'm not the only one who is grossed out by gelatin.


Whew, I'm glad that it doesn't actually have any animal ingredients in it. :) I would hate to stop eating jam! It's one of life's best little pleasures--homemade jam on homemade toasted bread with butter. :)

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