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The pantry looks just splendid!

I find that knitting, sewing, embroidering, and all sorts of crafty endeavors often encounter that same criticism. I just say that it's worth it to me.

For me, freezer jam is "going to all the trouble." Hey, homemade jam's a treat no matter how it's made. :)


Some of my children's favorite memories are the canning periods. They still talk about going into the pantry and trying to decide on which jam to pick! They loved to hear the "pop" of a successful seal after a long day of stirring, skimming, boiling and tasting!
Seeing all the jars sitting on the shelves, that was my "aha" moment!

Sharon M.

Yea! I'm glad you are back! Your jam is lovely. My daughter and her husband (who grew up on a farm) make jam (the best blackraspberry jam...mmm...) and pickles every summer--my husband and I love it! Your pantry looks terrific! :)


Yippee! I am so glad you posted! I always miss you. Hello to the girls. ~Mandy


Very sweet and you were missed !!!Have a Happy week ahead!!!


I am SOOOO GLAD that you are back. You have been missed! I love your pantry. My garden produced a good bit for me too. I love canning for the same reasons, & it just taste better. I hope to hear from you again soon, but take the time to enjoy what you do so beautifuly!


My goodness, your pantry is divine!! It looks so pretty with it's new paper and those sweet jam jars taking up space.


What a pretty pantry. And going to the trouble of making jam that sits so beautifully on the shelf is a pleasure I share with you.
Today I'm planning to make blackberry peach jam.


Your jam jars look so pretty and tasty! one can't enjoy looking at them in the freezer. It's always great to visit your blog!


love this post...


It's so worth it ! It makes the whole house smell delicious , it looks so pretty and , last but not least , it tastes wonderful on toast all winter long .


So glad you are back - my day is not complete without some turkey feathers!


I agree with you that it is so worth 'the trouble' of canning the old fashioned way. One of my favorite sounds is that of lids popping after coming out of a boiling canning bath.




lovely....we missed you here in blogland. Happy Belated Blog-versary and welcome back!


Glad to read you again :-) !
Jam here also. And in two days a new schoole year will begin, the time runs so fast.... !
Have a nice day


Beautiful pantry, vicki!

I just chalk up the pausing to the busy summer days.
They have gone so quickly!!
Here we are in September?!?
*shakes head incredulously*


Love the pantry wallpaper! Looks like redwork to me! Last year I had that "proud mom" moment when my 31 year old son made peach freezer jam and shared (with pride) jars with me and his grandmother.

Checking each day for a new blog entry, then the "where is she?" and "I hope everything is alright" thoughts. We all missed you!


Catching up with you... a slow down tonic for my soul. Thank you.


freezer jam? that does not sound too tasty, besides, there is nothing quite like opening your pantry and seeing all those perdy jars of goodness that you yourself have worked so hard to put up.


Welcome back and I love your pantry makeover! All those yummy jars--too good:-)


Good to have you back!. I love to make jams. And canning of all kinds. I love every thing about it. Gives me a sense of satiisfaction. I have had people say why bother to me as well. Have also had them ask why I like handwork as others have commented before me. It's like a breath of fresh air to meet someone who "understands" when you do something homemade or from scratch.
Your pantry is adorable. The wall paper makes it, and the shelves are wonderful.


I am hanging my head in shame...One...I was also not posting and was doing other things...soooo, I did not notice. But had I been connected I would have missed you :)
Two...I have not made jam for two years...my Mother and I make jam together and pickle green tomatoes...but not in the last two years. I must remedy that.
Always happy to see your posts and to see that the domestic arts are not lost.


i am wholeheartedly with you on "going to all the trouble" to make jam. i enjoy the process of it all myself and have MANY MANY fond memories helping my grandmother and mother can jam and summer fruits + veggies. and nothing beats the chorus of the lids sealing + popping :) that said, i did want to chime in and say that they do make freezer safe jars. i made four batches of freezer jam in them this summer. also, i just prefer the taste of freezer jam - there's something fresher to me about it. to each their own on canned versus freezer...i just love and support the whole process of spending this time in the kitchen creating things to enjoy the summer bounties during the gloomy winter months.

happy canning! :)


I really like this post. We seem to just hurry through life and as a result, miss out on a lot of what is good. I'm knitting an afghan for my nephew & his bride for their wedding and I know it would be quicker to buy something, but I think of them and their future with each stitch. Your pantry looks great!


Beautifully said.


Bravo for the sticky sweet family bonding time :) Here in Australia it is time sow, while you are reaping. My salad garden is under way and I'm looking forward to putting in new herbs and spices. I enjoy reading what you share in your blogspace and am encouraged and inspired :) thank you.


That wallpaper is ADORABLE! I love it!

louise hatchard

welcome back! i knew you'd be busy - i'm noticing that with you american girls - winding up the summer keeps you busy. your preserves look beautiful. i am so going to grow some cucumbers? for turning into pickles this summer x


I'm glad you're back...It has been a bit quiet in blogland lately. I want to can my cucumbers but I don't think I'll be having enough to do that. I love the pantry make-over.


Your pantry looks so pretty. There is something incredibly satisfying about jars of produce stacked away for the winter months ahead. I think the World might be a nicer place if more people 'went to the bother'.


happy sigh...it's a better day today having read your blog. Thank you so much for the gentle, peaceful respite...mmmmmm


Yes, canning season is such a busy time. The handwork just has to wait and so many other things. However, the joy of opening the jars of goodness in the middle of winter makes it all worthwhile. Enjoy!

Jean C.

Yep, nothing like "homemade bottled jam"! And blackberrie at that! We have friends who moved from Utah to Washington State and when they came to visit they always came in August to bring us fresh picked blackberries! No one but someone who has picked blackberries appreciates them as much! I grew up in Wash/Ore so we would make pies out of the berries and they were always wonderful! They took me back to my childhood! Freezer jam... not for me!


I love to see my little rows of canned jam and other things. It just puts a smile on my face. I do some freezer jam (I use canning jars, not plastic...been doing it for two years now and now broken jars so far)..I just love the fresh, uncooked taste. But I do miss seeing them so happy on my shelf. This year I was blessed to get enough blackberries to make jam and I'm so excited to eat it this winter. In fact, I opened up a jar the day after I made it...how's that for silly!


Those jars of jam on your shelves look so pretty and home-y. You really convinced me to start making my own jam too. Thanks!


I'm so happy you are back. I missed you.

Your pantry and jars of goodness look lovely!

Linda Hart

Please tell me how to make the cardstock
labels for the tops of canning jars.
Linda Hart


I just found your blog. I get the suggestion to make freezer jam from my friends too, with their comments of it being easier.
I just learned to make jam for the first time last year--and then went crazy! But even then, I ran out of jam mid-winter. So this year I made a whole lot of it. It is soothing to my soul to mash the berries, stir them, smell the steam and ending up with beautiful jewel-colored jars.
Thank you for putting in a newer post about different pectins. I've only ever used the grocery store pectin. I'll have to try your ideas--and less sugar would be so much better.

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